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21 Creative Logos With Secret Messages

October 20, 2014


We’re surrounded by logos all day, but very rarely do we take the time to really look at them. When we create identities for clients we focus on what the logo should say about that company, and what feeling it should evoke in people. Some designs, like the famous Yahoo! logo, have very subtle meaning. The logos below however have very clear messages once you look at them closer.

The “R” in Tour is a bicycle rider.

This is a popular logo that you’ve likely seen before. Did you ever notice that it’s a peacock?

The arrow on the bottom connects “A” and “Z” to represent the message that it sells everything form A to Z while also representing the smile that customers would experience by shopping on their website.

The pink part of the “B” and “R” is a 31 to represent their 31 flavors.

Did you ever notice the space between the “E” and the “X” forms an arrow?

The square on the left is made up of the word “Sun”.

The outline of the tree forms a gorilla and a tiger staring at each other.

The “LSO” also forms a conductor waving a baton.

There are animals outlined in the elephant’s trunk, body and legs.

The two “F’s at the top combine to form a plane.

The middle of the “E” forms an elephant trunk.

This logo is made up of different parts of the number 8.

The “90” at the top can also read as a percent symbol.

The space between the socket and the plug form the letter “E”

The foam in the coffee looks like the moon.

This isn’t all that impressive, but it’s very appropriate for the company.

The magazines at the top also look like a circus tent.

The space between the animals legs forms the New York skyline.

The space between the “A” forms a knife.

The “C”s also look like cat eyes.

The faces form the outline of the African continent.

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below!