Free Tom Brady Night at Pawtucket

June 1, 2016

Local Boston


You have to love good local (Bostonian) marketing.  Something tells me “Free Brady Night” at the Pawtucket Red Sox game will be VERY well attended:

Pawtucket is holding “Free Brady Friday” on June 10th at McCoy Stadium. Any fan named “Tom” or “Brady” will be admitted free. Box seats, usually $13 will be $12 in honor of the Patriots quarterback.

The 1st 3,000 fans will also receive a commemorative placard, which they can displaying during a photo opportunity between innings.

All ceremonial 1st pitches will be with footballs instead of baseballs.

Patriots players Jabaal Sheard and Joe Vellano will be attending the game at McCoy on June 6th.  James Develin, Rufus Johnson, and Brandon King are scheduled to attend the game on June 7th.

This is brilliant marketing by the Pawtucket Red Sox. Something hyper-local that everyone not only can rally behind, but want to rally behind.   Deflategate is a very sensitive subject in New England, but some companies and organization see it as an opportunity and will use it as a positive marketing campaign.  Something tells me this game will be very well attended (regardless of your name being “Tom” or “Brady”).


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