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5 Habits of Successful Social Media Managers

August 12, 2016

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Social Media

What makes for a highly successful social media manager?

Well, besides an enormous amount of coffee, there is plenty that goes into any social media position. Social media can be very time consuming, but if you manage your time properly and rely on these habits as your guideline — you’ll do fine!

So, let’s jump right in because Friday awaits!

Stay Educated

This might seem obvious but it’s true. The social media realm is a constant state of flux — it’s always changing. The best of the best know you have to keep up with new trends or else you’ll quickly fall behind. And while learning about the latest platforms, tools and tricks are useful and key to your success, do not jump the gun. Not every new thing is going to be useful to you or your brand.

Network, Network, Network

Engagement is one of the biggest elements of any social media job. The best are always forming new relationships, creating conversations and cultivating loyal communities for their brand.

Handle the worst, first

Most social media managers recommend tackling your most difficult tasks earlier in the day. The idea behind this habit is that you’re probably more productive in the morning than you are towards the end of the day. Now, this may not apply to all the procrastinators out there, but there’s definitely merit to it.

Content Absorbing Machines

Here’s what we do every morning – we jump on Buzzsumo or Feedly to read articles relevant to our industry. We tab the interesting ones, watch the trending videos and narrow down what will be the most valuable, useful and fun for our audience to see. Most great social media managers are content absorbing machines – it makes sense though, right?

Take a Break

Let’s be real — you cannot manage social media 24/7/365. Adweek said it best, “Brand evangelism runs 24/7/365; your body does not.” True story.

Think of it this way — if you want to continually create great content, you need to give yourself creative hiatuses. Otherwise, you will burn out and get sloppy with your work. And no one needs or wants a sloppy social media campaign.

Let us know what you think of these habits – do you agree or disagree? We’d love to hear from you all!


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