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How to Be a Social Media Team of One

January 2, 2017

Small Business

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Social Media

It’s not easy being a team of one, most definitely not.

In between content creation, curation, genuine engagement, puppeteering strategy, photo editing, tweaking design, monitoring growth – social media can easily become a 24/7 job. The question is: can you handle it? The answer is yes. Kind of. Maybe. We’ll see how you fare after reading the rest of this post.

Create reusable content

Ok, this is easy enough. Focus on creating content that can be used a multitude of ways. It’s another method of recycling your content. You could create a snippet post on Instagram that can be transformed into a detailed blog post and placed onto Twitter as a quote or question. And here’s the thing, once you post something – you don’t need to erase it’s existence! Recycle it. Recycle the heck out of it. You can recreate, repost and reuse your previous content.

Have goals

Goals help you keep your eye on a prize. Without goals, you’re just flailing around in a sea of likes and comments with no real mission. Always have a mission. This goes for any aspect of social media management – blogging, scheduling, content creation. It gives you more drive. My goal right now? Writing blog posts for one month. Let’s see if I get there.

Know your audience

You are probably sick of hearing this but it’s so true – you need to know your audience. This can easily be configured through interaction, engagement and monitoring your statistics via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Or maybe use something like Sprout Social to find out where your audience is coming from.


Don’t become a robot but automate what you can. Buffer is perfect for scheduling!  It makes life a little easier; one less thing to worry about. I usually schedule around the holidays to make content creation smoother. Sometimes I’ll create Instagram posts ahead of time, save them in the draft area. I don’t always include the tags/content in the posts because sometimes they magically disappear and what’s more disappointing than content you worked on randomly vanishing into thin air? Nothing. Nothing is more disappointing.

Quality over quantity

This is crucial. No matter what happens – whether you fall short on a goal or you fall short on posts for a week; do not, under any circumstances, push out lower quality content to meet a quota. You will lose. Quantity over quality, always.

Engagement is your best friend

The more you engage, the more visible your brand is. The more you engage, the more friends and influencers you connect with. This makes content creation, brainstorming and posting much easier. How? People are engaging with you! Commenting, liking, sharing and interacting with your content. And these quality influencers are also posting and sharing their own content that you can now repost. Everyone wins!

Being a team of one is never easy, but hopefully the above helps you find more structure in your daily chaotic digital lifestyle. Just remember, you can do it!

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