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Four Easy Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Website

October 5, 2017

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It’s a bit anticlimactic when you first “go live” with your new, updated website, just to see that your analytics barely shift; or when you write that thought-provoking, controversial, smart piece of content meant to drive traffic to your blog, but two days later, it’s already looking like its dropped off the cliff into internet-obscurity.

This post is going to assume for its purposes that you have a quality website (both in design and in performance), and that you’re producing quality content on it. Because although that’s in-itself a tough hurdle to overcome (need our help?), it’s only one of your obstacles.

Answer me this: If you have the perfect website, why isn’t everyone flocking to it?

Step 1: Create a Newsletter List

One of the best ways to get returning users to your site is by reminding them, via email, that even after they’ve bought your product or used your service, you can still be of use to them. Email is one of the best ways to reach loyal customers (at least, loyal enough to plug their emails into your website), to let them know about upcoming events, new products and special promotions, or that great new article you just posted on your blog. If done right (i.e. only when new, quality content is added to your site or an event is approaching), your newsletter won’t feel like spam–it’ll feel like a friend giving you an insider’s tip.

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Step 2: Start or Grow a Blog

I shouldn’t really have to tell you, here, that a blog is important for driving traffic to your site (you’re here, aren’t you?). Although I mightttt be biased, here’s a couple quick reasons a blog can help drive traffic to your site:

Step 3: Local SEO… Make Yourself #1

Need I say more?

Just kidding, I know I need to say more. Although I won’t go too in-depth here about SEO in general, because that’s really a whole article (or novel) in itself, here’s a few quick and easy ways to improve your local SEO:

Step 4: Engage in an Online Community

Your site shouldn’t be the lone wolf on the internet, committed to doing it solo and only receiving 5 frequent visitors as a result. Accept that you can’t do it alone. Let’s be honest–no one can. That’s not the point of the internet.

The point is connectivity. So get out there. Find some social media influencers with hundreds of followers already, and reach out to them. Within reason (i.e. are they in a similar industry? Would it make sense for them to promote you?), they are probably willing to discuss potential projects with you, or give you a shout-out on one of their sites.

Besides that, communicate with others in your industry on TwitterChats–perhaps you could even guest-host a chat–or on LinkedIn. Comment on posts, ask questions… just, please, do something besides only promoting your own content. With time, you’ll become a recognizable brand on these pages because of your smart, insightful comments–not because you’re the annoying guy who only pops up to try to sell you stuff.

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