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Best Food and Drink on W Broadway

October 13, 2017

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Seeing as we have some new digs (Have you seen?! Follow us on Instagram… you’ve got to see our rooftop views), we’ve all been busy exploring the new turf: mainly, W Broadway in South Boston. And besides being a bit of a frat-house on Sunday’s, this area has a lot to offer for food and drinks. Heck, we might not ever have to leave the block for food again (which means… more gym time in my future). Here’s a list of the best food and drink on W Broadway.

Comment below–have we missed any?

Loco for best… Margaritas, and Taco Deals

Every Taco Tuesday, Loco offers some pretty phenomenal deals: $3-3.50 for any of the tacos on their Tuesday listed items. Granted, I usually stick with my Carne Asada tacos, which aren’t on the deal (but totally worth it, anyway), but in general, the tacos every other day of the week aren’t too expensive for such delicious high-quality Mexican.

Plus, I’ve found you’ll feel better and better about the state of your bill, the more you drink their unique margaritas. If you only stick with the classic House Marg, as delicious as it is, you’re doing it wrong: there’s other crazy-good options like Coco (my favorite), the Britney, Buck Nasty, and Little Devil. Try ‘em yourself, and let us know which is your favorite.

Capo for best… Italian Food… and Basement

This place really does it all. It’s a great place at night if you’re looking for a delicious worth-the-money Italian meal: in particular, the Squash Ravioli, Risotto, or Linguini & Spicy Lobster pasta dishes are to-die for; while the pizza is just plain-good (real-Italian good, not a-slice-for-a-buck good), and the entrees are creative and unusual.

But besides the food and great cocktails, Capo has something else up its sleeve: have you ever checked it out on a Thursday night, say, around 9 p.m.? When they “open” their basement for the night, let me tell you–people forget about the food. You might have to wait a full hour or two on a waitlist, but once you’re down there, it’s worth it: great live-music, a big dance floor, and lots of tables for chatting, if dancing isn’t your thing.

If you end up down there on a Thursday at midnight, you’ll be thinking (as I was): Don’t any of these people have work tomorrow? 

The streets of W Broadway on a Thursday night are typically pretty empty–and I think I figured out where everyone goes, if not to bed.

Worden Hall for best… Beer Selection

I was personally very impressed by Worden’s ambiance, with very intimate, lodge-like vibes. And although I’m not a big beer drinker, I was still happy with their Seasonal & Limited Release beers: in particular, their Fresh Patch Pumpkin and Downeast Cider House Survivor Bob (plus, for those of you really not in the mood for beer, they have plenty of wine and cocktail options).

Since I’m not a beer-gal, I talked to our Social Media Manager, Tracy, who is. She told me, excitedly, “They have Trillium! It’s an incredible local beer, brewed in Fort Point and Canton. It’s great.” She highly suggests this place for the beer selection, and since it’s the longest beer list I’ve seen around here, I’ll have to agree with her.

Lincoln for best… Brunch, and Bubbles

When you think of “brunch,” you’re probably picturing some eggs benedict, french toast, and omelettes–maybe a glass of mimosa, if you’re feeling fancy.

But Lincoln didn’t get our “Best Brunch” title for some measly eggs and toast. With crazy-original dishes like the Egg BLT (with Cabot sharp cheddar and bacon aioli, yum), a French Toast dish with caramelized apples, cinnamon, and brown butter pastry cream (this is the fall selection, of course), and Fruity Pebble pancakes, Lincoln takes brunch to a new level. Even their “classic” dishes, like Eggs Benedict, have fancy additions like roasted asparagus, boursin cheese, and wilted spinach. Best of all, everything I just mentioned is under $14–leaving you more money for those mimosas (or a “Bucket of Bubbles”…yum). Not interested in mimosas? There’s also four different types of Bloody Mary’s…

Also, on Friday’s from 10am-3pm, they offer a “Brunch Test Kitchen,” where you can try some new and creative brunch items that’ll likely make their way onto the weekend brunch menu if (sorry, when) they get your stamp of approval.

Lincoln has a fun atmosphere in the evenings, and great dinner selections, as well.

Did I mention Lincoln is directly below us? Dangerous…

Certified Meatball Company for best… Meatballs (duh), and Delicious ‘Sides’

This is a great place to head with your friends to share a few dishes as a sort-of “tapas” experience; or so I’m told when I go solo to check this place out. Regardless, I was surprised to find out meatballs can be more than just beef with marinara sauce, made by mom. Along with your classic garlic-marinara, they have some crazy options for sauces like “Spiced Coconut-Lime Curry,” and besides your classic beef, they have “Southern fried beef meatballs smothered in sausage gravy,” and “shrimp balls over creamy cheddar grits,” and even a “curried-cashew veggie kofta.”

Their sides deserve a special mention, as well. I barely want to call them “sides” because I think they’re good enough to stand alone as dishes, but essentially, these ‘sides’ include ravioli of the day, mac n’ cheese, rosemary roasted potatoes, and spaghetti with marinara (see what I mean? not a typical side!).

I’d recommend the meatballs, and the mac n’ cheese, to anyone. I checked with our Partner of Yelling Mule, Matt, who added that the Turducken, a slow-roasted turkey, duck and chicken meatball with poultry gravy and lingonberry sauce, is “life-changing.”

Lee Chen’s Mexican and Chinese for best… Late-night Takeout

Many of you might laugh when you see I’ve include this on our list, because during the day, it’s not so special looking (in fact, it looks a bit like a Landromat). But this place is special in one BIG way: It’s open Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until 2 a.m., and it has a large variety of cheap and delicious guilty-pleasure items, including Lo Mein, Pu Pu Platters, Pork Fried Rice, Chinese Beef and Chicken dishes, aandddd fajitas, tacos, nachos, and burritos (because LeeChen knows–who doesn’t want at least one of these things at 2 a.m., after dancing in Capo’s basement, or drinking some beers at Worden’s?).

Plus, you can usually get anything you want for under $6. Trust me, check it out past midnight on a weekend–it’s packed, and for good reason.

Tracy, our Social Media Manager, has been notified by some of our Instagram followers that the thing to get is the “General Gao Burrito.” Try for yourself–I know I will.

Stats Bar & Grille for best… Sunday Fundays

I’ve never been to Stats on a Sunday (although I have been there other times–Saturday nights are fun, too!), so I thought I’d refer to my friends on this one, since some of them are so cult-like in their loyalty to Stats on a Sunday that they’re even willing to give up a fun Saturday night to “rest up” for the big day.

When I asked one friend if Stats was big on Sundays for football games, she replied only: “Hahahahaha.” (Apparently I’m outing myself as a Southie rookie, when I ask that).

Another friend informed me: “If you don’t get there by 10:30, you’re going to have to wait in a long line and might not even get in.” It gets so rowdy that people end up dancing on tables, post-shots. Along with drinks, the food menu features brunch items, classic wings and burgers, and also seafood options and flatbreads. Twelve different beer selections are on tap.

There’s 22 televisions total, so you don’t have to worry about not watching the game you want to watch.

Best of all, I’m told, is the game-day atmosphere. It has a neighborhood feel, and the same people keep coming back, making it feel more and more, each week, like you’re watching football with a huge, tightly packed group of your very best friends.

I think I’ll probably bring Otis, our mascot, to a Sunday Funday at Stats one of these days–From the vibes we’ve already felt on W Broadway of good-natured rowdy fun, and an inclusive group of Southie neighbors, I have full confidence he’ll be welcomed with open arms.

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