How to Excel in the New Year: Web Design, SEO, and Inbound Marketing Strategies for 2018

December 4, 2017

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Beginnings are scary: whether it’s the first day of college, the first day of a new job, the first day of winter in Boston (brutal), or the first day as a new parent (yikes!), it’s undeniably nerve-wracking to orient yourself to a new terrain, a new culture, or even a new you.

Now, in most aspects of our lives we understand the easiest way to ease those nerves is to prepare: we’ve packed our suitcases, we’ve made those checklists, we’ve bought those diapers, we’ve found the winter coat hiding in the basement, and we’ve visualized what it looks like to succeed.

I doubt you feel that prepared for the future of web design, inbound marketing, and SEO–but you should. That’s why I’m here to prepare you.

When it comes to web design and marketing in 2018, this beginning shouldn’t scare you–it should excite you. 2018 is a year of unmarked territory: as inbound marketing grows, SEO shifts priorities, and web design leaves behind old tactics in favor of new, you’ve got a small window in which to propel your business forward as a leader of a new year.

2018 should be your year; it should be the year you hang up new “#1 Winner” trophies in your office; the year you hit new records of conversions; and the year you attract a larger group of buyers to your website, your brand, your business.

Since this is a bit of a lofty goal, I’ve created a three-piece blog series that will focus on these different aspects: web design, SEO, and inbound marketing.

Each week leading up to the last week in December, we’ll publish one. I know, I know… Just what you wanted this holiday season, right?

Happy holidays!

 How to Excel in the New Year:

  1. Web Design Strategies for 2018
  2. SEO Strategies for 2018
  3. Inbound Marketing Strategies for 2018