The Best of Yelling Mule’s Blog: Our Top Ten of 2017

December 29, 2017

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Now that 2017 is coming to a close, we’d like to wrap up our year by giving you a list of our top 10 blog posts from 2017.

Our criteria for top 10 is simple: the top 10 most viewed pages. Of course, this criteria can be limiting (What about the post that was only viewed 20 times, but had an average time-on-page of 7 minutes? What about the post that attracted a whole new demographic to our site? What about the post that changed someone’s life?).

But despite its limitations, it’s the best measurement for figuring out what most of you enjoyed reading–and what posts you shared on social media, or sent to friends over email, or discussed on forums. (For that, we thank you).

So here it is… Our top 10 blog posts of 2017:

1. Facebook Messenger: Four Brilliant Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business
2. The Coolest Apps Started by Our Fellow Bostonians: Date Seat
3. How to Use Google Analytics
4. The LinkedIn Message That Can Land You a Job 
5. We Had 10 Winning Sites in the 2017 American Web Design Awards
6. The Coolest Apps Started by Our Fellow Bostonians: EchoMe
7. The Coolest Apps Started by Our Fellow Bostonians: U Out
8. We Have Been Named A Winner of the 2017 SmartCEO Boston Future 50 Awards
9. Four Old Psychology Tricks to Help Your Marketing Strategies
10. Yelling Mule Voted #1 Boston Web Design Company


Thanks for reading–see you all in 2018, when we plan on implementing new blog strategies to make our content better than ever. As always, leave your comments if you have suggestions.

Happy New Year everybody!