RECAP: Digital Dialogue EP 28: Psychology in Marketing

April 2, 2019



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On this episode of Digital Dialogue, Katelyn and Scott are discussing the role psychology plays in marketing. During the podcast we talk about how crucial psychographic information: such as your buyer’s habits, hobbies, spending habits and values can be when creating a marketing plan. While demographics explain “who” your buyer is, psychographics explain why they buy and you can create content curated towards your target. Before we dove into the psychology of marketing we present our #socialmediaminute covering two stories that we found interesting from the social media sphere!

Facebook’s Considering Implementing Restrictions on Live Privileges.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg is quoted saying “We are exploring restrictions on who can go Live depending on factors such as prior Community Standard violations.”

As of right now, the proposal suggests two things. The first being that Facebook is able to implement restrictions on live-streaming depending on certain factors. Secondly, Facebook acknowledges that their live-streaming option has a massive effect on people and events.

LinkedIn Announces New Data Partnership with Adobe to Improve Ad Targeting

LinkedIn continues to expand its audience targeting capability to capture a very important social media market, professionals. A new partnership has emerged with Adobe, and it will expand LinkedIn’s account-based marketing capabilities to Adobe Experience Cloud users.

This new deal has given LinkedIn the ability to compete in the competitive and still evolving targeted marketing. This partnership will allow marketing teams to utilize data from LinkedIn to give insight into the audiences they need to reach, and target them more effectively.

Psychology in Marketing

On last week’s episode, we touched upon the importance of market research and understanding your audience. What we did not talk about was the role psychology plays into this and the rest of your marketing strategy. Now utilizing psychology to share your message with the public is not meant to trick them or deceive them. When done in a legal and ethical way, this is meant to help you build a sense of trust with your audience.

To hear even more information on the topic listen to the full podcast below!