Uploading Media on WordPress

September 3, 2020


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How To

The WordPress media library includes any uploaded images, audio, or video that you add to your blog or site. Adding media content to your WordPress site is a great way to better user experience and provide user information.

Typically, media uploads are included in writing a post or a page and there are two ways that you can view your media library.

Grid View
  • Shows thumbnails of image, audio icons and movie icons 
  • At the top of the grid view you can filter the media by type and date
  • To delete media items, click the bulk select button at the top of the screen then select the items you want to delete and click the delete button
List View 

Is a table list of all the media uploads to your site. Newest uploads always appear first. 

Table of media shows the following columns:

  • [ ] – check box – Selects the media 
  • Thumbnail – Small image of the actual media 
  • File – The title or name of the file (is in link form)
  • Author – Who uploaded the media 
  • Uploaded to – Shows the Post or Page the media was uploaded to
  • Comment bubble – Shows if the media has any comments 
  • Date – When media was uploaded 
Attachment Details and Requirements

By clicking on an Image thumbnail in the media library grid view you will see the attachment details for the selected image, audio etc.

  • Below are a number of the attachment details that will help ensure your media is correctly formatted and sized correctly.
    • File name – The name of media file
    • File type – The MIME Type of media file (jpg, png, etc)
    • Uploaded on – The date when media file was uploaded
    • File size – The file size of media file
    • Dimensions – (Image files only) The dimensions of image media
    • URL – Read-only display of a direct link to the media file. 
    • Title – The name of the media. A title is often shown on attachment pages and galleries if themes or plugins are designed to display it.
    • Caption – A brief explanation of the media
    • Description – An explanation of this particular media.
    • Alt Text – (Image files only) The alt text for the image, e.g. “The Mona Lisa” to describe the media. Used for accessibility.
    • Uploaded By – Author who uploaded the Media.