The MuleFlex Template System

July 22, 2021

Web Design

The MuleFlex template system was implemented into our web development process as a way for clients to create their own pages and layouts within the designs we have created for them. In the past, we have had clients coming back saying they were having trouble fitting their content in templates. To avoid this problem and having to go into each page and manually edit the code to fit that content, the flex template was created.

What is great about this new addition is that it doesn’t have a massive impact on our current design process. The design team is still responsible for creating templates interiors like the about us, news and blog pages. The only changes to note happen in the populating stage. Before we would just copy and paste the client’s content in and if the content didn’t fit we would need to run it through development, and go back-and-forth with the client. Now, we are much more progressive and adaptable where if the content doesn’t fit we can simply just choose another section for it.

MuleFlex has been really helpful to clients. They have a lot more flexibility with what they choose to do with their content and how to use it and present it. As far as beyond populating, clients no longer need to reach out to us to make small tweaks to the design of the pages since they have so many layout options in their inventory.

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