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How to Trademark a Logo

August 25, 2021

Tips & Tricks


To gain identity and overall recognition companies typically develop personalized logos. Once created, those logos should be trademarked to protect its rights. This can be a time consuming process so in this post we are breaking down the basic steps each logo designer should be aware of. 

Is Your Logo Available

It would be difficult to get a logo to the trademark finish line if it is already taken by another organization. To start this section of the process, search your logo in the U.S Patent and Trademark Attorney’s Office (USPTO). Look for similar logos and trademarks that are already registered. This is a great resource to determine what changes you will need to make in the future. 

Apply with the USPTO

There are a few ways to obtain ownership of your logo but one of the most official ways is to file an application with the USPTO. You will need an attorney to help you along the way. They will assist you with filling out your application and can help answer any legal questions that pop up along the way. Application fees cost around $500 and that does not include attorney fees. It’s important to do all of your necessary research and paperwork beforehand because USPTO application fees are non refundable. 


It may take several months for your application to be approved by the USPTO. Every application is a case by case basis but on average it’ll potentially take six to nine months. Once your application is approved your logo is trademarked with the USPTO and you will own the rights to use it anywhere in the country. Moving forward it is important to monitor your logo to ensure no one else is using it.