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Social Media Round Up

October 14, 2021


Social Media

Facebook Is Now Counting Unconnected Facebook and Instagram Accounts Separately in Ad Research. 

Facebook will no longer view your Facebook and Instagram accounts jointly if they are not connected. According to Facebook: Starting today, if someone does not have their Facebook and Instagram accounts linked in Accounts Center, we will consider those accounts as separate people for ads planning and measurement. Facebook and Instagram accounts that are connected in Accounts Center will continue to be counted collectively as a single person. This change will roll out over the next few weeks.” This update could be an interesting change that ultimately benefits Facebook. It will potentially make their ad reach numbers look more significant.  To help avoid this, you can make the update by going to your settings in each of the apps.

Instagram Retires IGTV Brand

Say goodbye to the IGTV Brand. Instagram has announced that they are combining all video features. According to the platform: “Starting today, we’re combining IGTV and feed videos into one format – Instagram Video. We’re also introducing a new Video tab on your profile, where this combined video format will live, to make it easier for people to discover new video content.” The new formatting also includes new features like trimming tools and filters. 

TikTok’s New Live Stream Feature 

To help better manage live streams, TikTok is introducing a new feature. Users who are live streaming can now mute comments from viewers. Live streamers can mute specific commenters for a number of periods. Duration periods range from 5 seconds to 5 minutes. This new feature is another attempt by TikTok to create a more kind environment for its users. According to the platform: “If an account is muted for any amount of time, that person’s entire comment history will also be removed. Hosts on LIVE can already turn off comments or limit potentially harmful comments using a keyword filter. We hope these new controls further empower hosts and audiences alike to have safe and entertaining livestreams.”