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WordPress Plugins

August 22, 2022

Web Design

Plugins are software add-ons that let computer programs, mobile apps, and web browsers be customized. A plugin increases the program’s functionality. When utilizing WordPress to create excellent websites, plugins are crucial. Without understanding coding, they help consumers easily add functionality to their websites. In addition to the thousands of premium WordPress plugins created by independent developers, over 50,000 free plugins are listed in the plugin directory.

A WordPress plugin can be quickly found and installed from the “Plugins » Add New” page in the admin sidebar. You can browse or search in the WordPress plugin repository from there to find the one you seek. Click “Install Now” when you’ve located the plugin you wish to install, then wait while it installs. After completing the installation, you must click “Activate” before using your plugin. As the site administrator, you can also modify the settings for a plugin, deactivate them, or delete the plugin entirely from your WordPress website.

Plugins recommendations

The three plugins we use the most in the websites we develop are: