Meet Jayna Costello

October 13, 2022


In this week’s post, we are getting to know Jayna Costello. Jayna joined the team as a Digital Marketing intern for the fall. She is a senior Communication student at Endicott College, graduating in May. Today she is sharing her insights into her journey at Yelling Mule.

What have been your main tasks or projects this fall?

So far this fall, I have focused heavily on optimizing all internal social media channels – LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter. Specifically, I have put special focus on increasing organic LinkedIn engagement and writing blog posts for Yelling Mule. I have collaborated with the team to create content designed to specifically increase channel traffic, all while learning how to utilize our internal marketing tools.

What is your favorite part about Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is creative and expressive. It allows businesses to establish a voice and develop strategic growth. In the sense of communication, digital marketing is extremely unique. In real time, it enables you to talk to consumers, and vice versa. Digital marketing is ever-changing and non-traditional, so you must have a desire to always learn and adapt in this field. It’s a neverending area of evolution and diversification – and I love it. 

I’d say that my favorite aspect of digital marketing – in the sense of growth – is how measurable it is. Understanding and recording digital marketing analytics allows you to properly optimize your channels according to what is/isn’t working best. This makes strategy improvement simple and fast.

What is your favorite aspect of working for Yelling Mule?

One of my favorite aspects of working at Yelling Mule is the collaborative nature. We work in an open-concept office that has given me the opportunity to communicate and constantly learn from others. This work style is dynamic and allows for efficiency regarding project turnover. All of my co-workers have acted as mentors, guiding me and challenging me to reach my developing goals.