Top 3 New Year’s Marketing Campaigns

January 5, 2023


Happy New Year! As we approach the end of the year, at Yelling mule we’re reflecting on the past year, the new year to come, and of course our all-time favorite New Year’s marketing campaigns. That being said, keep reading and join us in celebrating three great marketing initiatives.


1. Twitter & Facebook x New Year’s Ball

The Times Square Ball app gives users exclusive access and inclusion opportunities to the Times Square Ball Drop in New York City on New Year’s Eve. For the celebration of 2014, Twitter connected this app to the Time Square Ball Twitter account. This gave users access to share exclusive app content on social media. This connection also extended to Facebook, which played a huge role in extending the Ball Drops reach. 

Though many people join each other in Times Square for the annual Ball Drop, a lot of people cannot make it. Making this event more inclusive and shareable is a great way to bring even more of the world together for the massive celebration of the New Year.

2. Planet Fitness: “The World Judges, We Don’t”

There’s nothing like a classic New Year’s gym ad. As hitting the gym has become an increasingly popular New Year’s Resolution over the years, gyms and fitness centers have taken advantage of this and certainly used this as a strong marketing initiative. Planet Fitness certainly did not let the ball drop (no pun intended) on this one. To start 2017 off, Planet Fitness released “The World Judges, We Don’t” marketing campaign. This campaign targeted new gym goers, encouraging them to sign up for a membership, dubbing their facilities as an inclusive place. Ideally, they wanted to spread the word that they are a no judge zone.

This campaign was primarily in video format, designed (and executed to be) humorous. It was both lighthearted and direct to their target audience. It followed with a discounted membership offer to last the first week of January.

3. Air BnB: “#OneLessStranger”

Air BnB is a home, stay, and experience hosting site designed for both hosts and visitors. CEO of Air BnB, Brian Chesky, gifted $1 million, in the form of $10, to 100,000 Air BnB users. In attempt to expand on the company’s hospitality mission, this marketing campaign was initiated to encourage users to use the gifted $10 to provide an act of kindness to a stranger, and then share it on social media using the hashtag, #OneLessStranger. Brought to life on January 1, 2015, this campaign did a great job of starting the new year off right by bringing people together.