The most important aspect of starting a new website or any project is to ensure that it is based on a solid foundation and that you have the buy-in from all key people. By understanding and managing expectations you can avoid something that can happen on any project: it goes over budget, decreasing satisfaction in everyone, causing unmet deadlines.

Ensuring that the project scope is identified, including defining the roles and responsibilities of the various project team members. Using allows for complete transparency between both parties while also keeping everyone on track with informative updates. Developing a project plan where the goals and key elements are clearly defined will also help avoid scope creep.

The term scope creep refers to changes, continuous or uncontrolled growth in a project’s scope, at any point after the project begins.

As mentioned previously, this can occur when the scope of a project is not properly defined, documented, or controlled. For example, if a major design change that had been approved previously is a necessity then it is going to have a ripple affect on the deadline, time allotted, and the project budget.

In summation, scope creep can be a result of:

  • Changing of pre-approved items

  • Poor project requirement analysis

  • Bad communication between parties

Any documented steps implemented will bring you that much closer to avoiding and controlling scope creep. That way, you are in a better position to control you anything that comes up. If you can avoid those problems and keep everything on the approved schedule then it will not be an issue. To hear more on this topic, listen below!