In this week’s blog post we want to demonstrate how you can build your social media engagement organically. As either a small business owner or a giant corporation, having social media profiles is non-negotiable. You want to meet potential customers where they are most active – on social media.  It has become essential part of any social media plan because it keeps your brand relevant.

To start, here are 4 easily obtainable objectives that we think you can do to help continue to build your engagement.

Post Consistently

If your business is determined to create a following, you need to post regularly and consistently. This might be once a week, or it might be once or more per day when taking into consideration Story posts on Instagram or Facebook. How often you post depends on the nature of your business and your market, but the key is consistency.

Every post not create the engagement that you want but the insights you gain from posting consistently for a month or year gives you valuable information which leads to the next objective.

Use Social Media Analytics

Most platforms now provide free analytics in app which you should take advantage of. Posting your desired content at the wrong time can limit how much engagement you get and stunt your profiles in terms of growth.

Some insights to keep an eye on when you are focusing on engagement are Post Reach (the number of people who saw any of your posts at least once) and Post Engagement (the number of times people engaged through reactions, comments, shares, and likes. Here are the best social media analytic tools according to

  1. Sprout Social
  2. Awario
  3. TapInfluence
  4. BuzzSumo
  5. Snaplytics
  6. Curalate
  7. Keyhole
  8. Google Analytics
  9. ShortStack
  10. SHIELDApp

Using any of these amazing analytic programs allows for measurable insights and also the ability to present them with actual figures to show the effectiveness of social media campaigns.

Discuss Products and Offer Engaging Services

Your goal is to get as many eyes on your brand as possible. Always encourage debate within the comments of your post and also offer goods to your audience and potential audience such as gift cards (Amazon, Apple, etc.)  a free product, or entry into a competition for sharing a post (Holidays, special events, etc.) or answering a question.

Respond To Engagement Quickly

As your profiles are growing a surefire way to increase engagement is to always acknowledge people who respond to your content. Don’t be shy about tagging people in posts, comments, and like/reply to reviews and posts on your page. Your page responsiveness on platforms like Facebook is actually measured and can be useful in seeing how quickly you get back to people.