Streaming Services Rise in Relevance

Facebook Gaming

Live-streaming is more popular than ever and its’ rising viewership really does lift all platforms – A space that is dominated by Amazon’s Twitch and now Facebook Gaming who just announced their acquisition of popular streaming service Mixer. Live-streaming is a great way to connect with the younger generation while also boosting engagement of your Read the full article... Read More »

LinkedIn Updates


Microsoft has reported that growth on LinkedIn continues to rise, with the platform seeing “record levels of engagement” due to the overwhelming number of people who are currently out of work. According to the Microsoft FY20 Third Quarter Earnings Conference Call,  “Amidst a changing jobs market, LinkedIn’s role in creating economic opportunity for every member Read the full article... Read More »

Tips For Managing Social Media Strategy During Covid-19

Before the outbreak of Covid-19, social media teams advocated that social platforms can be more than just an avenue for marketing. They presented user data, showed growth, and served as a great form of brand awareness. Now with finding a cure for Covid-19 so prevalent they have become a powerful source of news, knowledge, and Read the full article... Read More »

Social Media Roundup


Zoom Hits Milestone on 90-Day Security Plan, Releases Zoom 5.0 With everyone from high schoolers to companies using Zoom as a primary medium during quarantine it was bound to run into some hiccups. So it is great to see that they are making improvements. In a post released on the Zoom official blog they stated: Read the full article... Read More »

TikTok Downloads Increase Dramatically During Social Distancing

If you have held out and not downloaded TikTok yet, then you are missing out. The New York Times even claimed that TikTok is rewriting the world. As more and more people are looking for something to distract themselves Tiktok has seen an exponential growth in downloads and engagement. According to new estimates provided by the Read the full article... Read More »

Writing Blogs Optimized With Keywords For SEO

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If you want to improve your SEO rankings on Google there is always one thing that we tell our clients — curate a blog about your products or services. That is one of the easiest ways to help see results in climbing the ranks. If you are looking to start a blog, here are some Read the full article... Read More »

Digital Dialogue EP 59: Creating Facebook Ads


On this episode of Digital Dialogue, Katelyn and Scott talk about their social media stories for the week followed by a discussion on how to create successful Facebook Ads going into 2020!   Read More »

4 Benefits of Using A Sitemap

Sample Sitemap Screenshot

A sitemap is a great tool used by designers who are in the beginning phases of creating a website. It helps clarify what content you want to put front and center while also helping you eliminate problems down the road in the process. Basically, a sitemap is just an organized outline or flowchart of what Read the full article... Read More »

Digital Dialogue EP 56: SEO vs. SEM


On this episode of Digital Dialogue, Katelyn and Scott are discussing the difference between SEO and SEM while also explaining how you can utilize both to increase exposure to your business!   Read More »

Google Is Changing Search For The Better

Google PNG

If you haven’t heard, Google is reinventing the way searching for things works with their newest neural network algorithm, BERT. It is an acronym for (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) and it debuted in Google’s search system in late October.  Here’s what Google said about BERT, “These improvements are oriented around improving language understanding, particularly Read the full article... Read More »