Why You Need to Start Running Social Media Ads

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Are you trying to determine whether or not your business needs to run social media ads? All you have to do is look at the current metrics and forecasted ones as well. In 2019, according to Hootsuite, social media advertising revenue is forecasted to be, “over fifty billion dollars annually, which equals out to about $17.00 Read the full article... Read More »

The Branding Process- 5 Step Guide

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Branding is a term you hear a lot in the world of marketing but do we really understand the meaning behind it? According to Business Dictionary, a brand is a unique design, sign, symbol, words, or a combination of these, employed in creating an image that identifies a product and differentiates it from its competitors. Read the full article... Read More »

What is Your Hashtag Strategy?: Maximize Their Potential in 2019

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Instagram continues be one of the most innovative social media platforms because they are always tinkering with their algorithms to make consuming content easier and more enjoyable. It has always favored posts with high engagement and ones that receive more likes/comments receive more exposure. Often these posts are accompanied by a considerable amount of hashtags Read the full article... Read More »

Micro-Influencer Marketing: How to Create High-Conversion Instagram Campaigns


Micro-influencer marketing campaigns on Instagram lead to higher conversions than paying a Kardashian sister to promote your product or service. Here are the six critical steps you need to take to create and launch a high-conversion Instagram micro-influencer campaign. Read More »

Local Instagram Influencers: @Brianmcw

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It’s pretty rare to hear of someone doubling their commute-time, every day, for the sake of a photograph; but that’s exactly what Brian McWilliams does, partially to satisfy his Instagram audience of 130,000, but also for no other reason than that he enjoys it... Read More »

Local Instagram Influencers: @Kerriaxelrod

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“Social media is a reflection of my life because I am, in some ways, my brand.” We’re all well-aware of the social media influencers: a group growing every day, filled with green-juice gurus, hardcore fitness enthusiasts, fashionistas, travel icons, and then, simply some super-talented photographers. Instagram has launched an era of ‘micro-celebrities,’ and these people Read the full article... Read More »