Finding the Best Times to Post on Social Media

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When posting on business social media accounts, it’s extremely important to have a detailed content calendar. An organized plan for your content allows you to see what you will be posting during each quarter. If you want to learn more about content calendars, we have covered them previously on our blog, check it out if you Read the full article... Read More »

RECAP: Digital Dialogue EP 42: Apps We Love

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On this episode of Digital Dialogue, Katelyn and Scott are joined by Colleen. The topic this week is our favorite apps on our phones and computer that are not the most basic apps everyone is using e.g. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, WhatsApp. But before we dove into that, we kicked off the episode with our #SocialMediaMinute. Facebook Read the full article... Read More »

RECAP: Digital Dialogue EP 29: Social Media Ads

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On this episode of Digital Dialogue, Katelyn and Scott are discussing the importance of utilizing paid social media ads. During the podcast we give tips on maximizing the potential of your ads and how Yelling Mule can aid you creating an effective plan to capitalize within your target market. First, we present our #socialmediaminute covering two stories that Read the full article... Read More »

What is Your Hashtag Strategy?: Maximize Their Potential in 2019

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Instagram continues be one of the most innovative social media platforms because they are always tinkering with their algorithms to make consuming content easier and more enjoyable. It has always favored posts with high engagement and ones that receive more likes/comments receive more exposure. Often these posts are accompanied by a considerable amount of hashtags Read the full article... Read More »

Will Social Media Ever Rule the World

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According to Forbes Communications Council contributor Atanu Shaw, “a whooping 40% of this year’s global ad spend will take place online. And more specifically, ad spend on social media is expected to increase by more than 20%, totaling $58 billion.” If a business wants to see steady growth in their respective marketplace then adapting to Read the full article... Read More »

How To Take Better iPhone Pictures

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  Thanks to technological advances like the smartphone, we are able to document our favorite life moments with just a tap of a finger. While iPhone Photography is already relatively straightforward, Apple is continuously looking for ways to help improve the photography process. Here are a few simple tips and tricks we think you should take advantage of Read the full article... Read More »

Our Favorite Instagram Updates of 2018

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  Instagram has been rolling out with new features every week! Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but it definitely feels like they have! So after some reflection, we decided to dedicate a whole blog post to a few of our favorite Instagram updates of 2018!   Instagram’s New Safety Tools  Instagram has announced they are going Read the full article... Read More »

5 Ways to Stay Relevant in Blogging


It’s pretty rare to see a person’s profile nowadays without the tag of “blogger” following their name, and having a blog on any company website is highly encouraged. The word “blogging” is about as popular a buzzword as “conversion.” The two words are like third cousins who met at a family reunion one year and realized Read the full article... Read More »

How the New Facebook Algorithm Affects You


The news came straight from Mark Zuckerberg’s mouth (aka his Facebook) on January 11th: Facebook would be changing their news feed algorithm. This didn’t mean just a different assortment on your news feed of posts from the people and businesses you follow; it actually means harkening back to Facebook’s earlier days. This means more posts Read the full article... Read More »

10 Easy Ways to Build Your Brand via Instagram Stories


300 million daily users use Instagram Stories every day; here are 10 easy ways you can use Instagram Stories to authentically build your brand message with your audience, captivate your ideal demographic, and achieve big results. Read More »