RECAP: Digital Dialogue EP12: Sales Insights from VP of Sales Mike Arsenault

Digital Dialogue

This week on Digital Dialogue we sat down with our VP of Sales, Mike Arsenault, to talk about his personal insights into the sales world. He had extremely valuable insight for us on his previous work experience and how it helped him develop into his current role! Furthermore, he discusses three questions that one usually Read the full article... Read More »

Speed to the Lead

My Post

We sat down recently with Yelling Mules’ VP of Sales, Mike Arsenault, to gain insight about his personal process when it comes to conducting successful sales. Mike employs a technique called ‘speed to the lead’, which is contacting the prospective lead within one hour of their inquiry. “You should never wait on a lead”, he Read the full article... Read More »

6 Blogging Mistakes that Ruin Your Chances of Converting Traffic into Customers


Here are 6 blogging mistakes that can ruin your chances of converting blog traffic into valuable customers… and some sure-fire solutions. The goal of your business blog is not to attract traffic; it's to attract the right traffic, and turn that traffic into customers. Read More »

11 Critical Design Elements of a High Conversion Landing Page


These 11 critical design elements of a high conversion landing page have helped companies increase conversion rates by over 170%, and have generated an additional 1 million in revenue: rather than focusing on attracting traffic, focus on how to convert your traffic into customers. Read More »

iPad Giveaway Contest


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…which means ’tis the season of giveaway (not to mention the season of optimizing your online strategies)! On Thursday, December 7th, we’ll be starting a Facebook live video showing off more of our awesome new office. Be sure to watch and take note of the special keyword in the video Read the full article... Read More »

Facebook Messenger: Four Brilliant Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business


We've compiled a list of four brilliant ways to use Facebook Messenger to improve your marketing strategies, and increase sales to grow your business. More people today use messaging apps than social media. And this is a largely untapped market, particularly because it’s typically reserved for personal messages between friends. Read More »

Four Old Psychology Tricks to Help Your Marketing Strategies


Let’s take a look at four impressive psychology studies and how they can immediately improve your marketing and sales strategies. Either I’m the most gullible person on the planet (probably), or I can attest to these from personal experience as a consumer… they work. Read More »

This 2017, Avoid Hard Selling Like the Plague


Let’s start 2017 by getting rid of the concept of hard-selling! We’re not saying you should never sell yourself, but most of your engagement and content should not revolve around shoving your business into people’s faces. Gordon Tredgold said it best in Entrepreneur’s “8 Ways to Avoid Common Video Marketing Mistakes” by comparing the “hard Read the full article... Read More »

Make Friends In High Places

Freebie Friday

Influencer marketing is huge right now. Who are influencers? They're industry leaders, experts and celebrities. Now, obviously, we're not expecting you to befriend Kanye West this week and magically have him promoting your content but you could definitely socialize with local superstars. Read More »

Facebook Adds Call-To-Action Button To Pages


Facebook just launched a great new feature for pages, and it only takes a minute to add it. The new "Call-To-Action" button allows you to add a button in your cover photo so users can easily contact you, download your app, or sign up for your service. Read More »