The Coolest Apps Started by Our Fellow Bostonians: Seated


How would you like to try high-quality restaurants in your area by making a reservation on an app… and how would you like to get a minimum $30 gift card to Starbucks, Uber, or Amazon (your choice!), for making this reservation? Now you can, with the Seated App, one of the coolest apps started by our fellow Bostonians. Read More »

The Coolest Apps Started by Our Fellow Bostonians: EverDrive


In the sixth installment of our “Coolest Apps” blog series, I spoke with Seth Birnbaum to discuss EverQuote’s app, EverDrive.  This app can help you become a safer driver, pay less for insurance, and potentially win a share of $50K in yearly prizes. As a 24-year-old Boston-based woman, I’m not exactly eligible for the lowest Read the full article... Read More »

Six Steps to Ensure a Succcessful Site Launch


You’re probably thinking that the hardest part about designing a new website is the design part–and maybe that’s partially true. But if you don’t properly promote your brand-new, fully-functional, user-friendly website, it’s like you’ve written the next great American novel but forgotten to publish it (like that could ever happen). Here, we’ve assembled a list Read the full article... Read More »

The Coolest Apps Started by Our Fellow Bostonians: Food For All

App 01_login

Americans alone waste 38 million tons of food every year; apparently, that’s enough food “to balance a scale with all of the blue whales left in the world, multiplied by 10, stacked on the other side.” And that’s just Americans. If the environmental results from food waste aren't enough to sway you, how about this: I just logged into Food For All and saw a Mexican burrito bowl on sale for $4.00... Read More »

Is The World Running Out of Domain Extensions?


Remember when AIM became really popular, and it gradually became harder and harder to find any AIM username not already taken? You’d sit there adding numbers and symbols and misspelling words (H0ckYplayR4567) just to find one that worked. The good thing about that “problem” is, AIM fell out of style. But I highly doubt websites Read the full article... Read More »

The Coolest Apps Started by Our Fellow Bostonians: Icebrkr


When I sat down to speak with Kevin, co-founder of IceBrkr with Matt, he mentioned something interesting. He said, “You know, when people think of search engines, they usually say only one: Google. But when you ask them what dating sites they’re on, they usually give you about five different answers… [because] no one’s quite nailed it yet.” Read More »

The Coolest Apps Started by Our Fellow Bostonians: PlateJoy


Have you ever wished deciding what to cook for dinner--while ensuring it hits both your health and taste requirements--didn’t have to be so hard? Personally, I usually only hit one or the other: it’s either delicious (take-out Chinese or Annie’s Mac and Cheese), or it’s healthy (fish and spinach… blah), but very, very rarely, is it both. Read More »

The Coolest Apps Started by Our Fellow Bostonians: EchoMe


Prior to speaking to Christian, I’d pictured EchoMe, an app Christian co-founded with fellow Boston College student Michael Gordon, as being perfect for you if you’re that guy at the party who won’t unplug his phone from the AUX or allow anyone else to make any song requests because you’re loving the chance to play DJ. I knew you could connect the app with your music streaming service and listen to music in real-time with your friends, influencers, musicians, athletes--anyone. I also knew, as someone whose songs are constantly being vetoed on long road-trips for being too overplayed (I’m a little behind in the music scene, alright?), I’d probably be more of a listener than a leader. Read More »

The Coolest Apps Started by Our Fellow Bostonians: Date Seat


As someone guilty of having that one great Saturday night spot, that one awesome Sunday brunch spot, and those two fun date-night spots (branching out here, people), I think a lot of us struggle to figure out which restaurants and bars in Boston are worth checking out, and for which occasion. Most of us rely on word-of-mouth, which is rough for those of us new to the area (or for those of us with two friends). Read More »

Get Mule Hosting Status Updates 24/7


If you're a Mule Hosting customer you know that our hosting is exclusive to Yelling Mule clients, and this helps keep our service as fast and secure as possible. Along with speed and security uptime is a top priority of ours. We just launched so you can get hosting status updates 24/7. Read More »