How To Utilize A Micro-Influencer In Your Next Advertising Campaign

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Brands have been turning towards influencer marketing as a way to promote to a more niche audience. Social media platforms like Snapchat, YouTube and TikTok all have their own set of influencers with different demographics and some are often multi-platform. Ad spend on influencer marketing is expected to be up to $15 billion by 2022, Read the full article... Read More »

Digital Dialogue EP 63: Micro-Influencers


  This week’s episode of Digital Dialogue is focused on the topic of micro-influencing. Katelyn and Scott are discussing the continued rise of micro-influencers in 2020 and how you could incorporate them into your social media marketing plan.   Read More »

4 Obtainable Objectives To Increase Your Social Engagement

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In this week’s blog post we want to demonstrate how you can build your social media engagement organically. As either a small business owner or a giant corporation, having social media profiles is non-negotiable. You want to meet potential customers where they are most active – on social media.  It has become essential part of any Read the full article... Read More »

Digital Dialogue EP 62: Engagement on Social Media


In this week’s episode of the podcast we are talking about obtainable objectives that you can use to increase social media engagement on various platforms. Read More »

Digital Dialogue EP 61: Back-End Development


In this week’s episode, we are joined by Colleen, Yelling Mule’s backend developer. Colleen answers a lot of questions about the field and shares her greatest takeaways. Read More »

What’s New in 2020!

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Twitter Announces Promoted Trend Spotlight   As explained by Twitter - “Today, we’re announcing the launch of the newest takeover ad product on Twitter, Promoted Trend Spotlight. This takeover ad placement pairs the undeniable stopping power of video with the premium real estate of Twitter’s Explore tab. The Explore tab, Twitter’s collection of trending topics and Read the full article... Read More »

Digital Dialogue EP 60: Social Media Roundup 2020


On this episode of Digital Dialogue, Katelyn and Scott share major social media news stories ranging from YouTube’s new restrictions on data collecting to Instagram’s decline in user growth. Read More »

Digital Dialogue EP 59: Creating Facebook Ads


On this episode of Digital Dialogue, Katelyn and Scott talk about their social media stories for the week followed by a discussion on how to create successful Facebook Ads going into 2020!   Read More »

How To Avoid Scope Creep

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The most important aspect of starting a new website or any project is to ensure that it is based on a solid foundation and that you have the buy-in from all key people. By understanding and managing expectations you can avoid something that can happen on any project: it goes over budget, decreasing satisfaction in Read the full article... Read More »

4 Benefits of Using A Sitemap

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A sitemap is a great tool used by designers who are in the beginning phases of creating a website. It helps clarify what content you want to put front and center while also helping you eliminate problems down the road in the process. Basically, a sitemap is just an organized outline or flowchart of what Read the full article... Read More »