How To Utilize Influencer Marketing In Your Next Campaign

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Over the last couple of years, companies have been turning towards influencer marketing as a way to promote to a more niche audience. According to Adweek, the industry of established influencer marketers is set to reach $10 billion in worth by 2020. Other social media platforms like Snapchat, YouTube and TikTok have their own set Read the full article... Read More »

How Social Media is Trying to Improve its Effect on Mental Health

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It’s no secret that the presence of social media has increased over the last couple of years and this presence has had a rather hurtful impact on the public’s mental health, especially among young adults. Major platforms, like Facebook, have recently taken notice and are making strides towards a more positive outcome for the future. Read the full article... Read More »

Why You Need A Content Calendar

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Developing a content calendar can be a daunting task for many social media marketers but it is probably one of the most important ones. A content calendar is essential when it comes to achieving the goals set for yourself in your social media marketing strategy because it holds you accountable. Planning day to day is not Read the full article... Read More »

RECAP: Digital Dialogue EP 33: Our Favorite Social Media Tools

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On this episode of Digital Dialogue, Katelyn and Scott are expounding on social media strategy with the best tools to help you maintain your multiple accounts across multiple platforms. Take a look behind the scenes and see what we think are some of the best tools and services! First, we present our #socialmediaminute covering two stories that we Read the full article... Read More »

RECAP: Digital Dialogue EP 32: Creating Your Social Media Strategy

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On this episode of Digital Dialogue, Katelyn and Scott are discussing the easiest way to curate and maintain a social media strategy in order to keep your brands presence felt across all social media platforms! If you are looking for more information social media strategy in general, be on the lookout for our full blog post Read the full article... Read More »

Must Watch: 3 TED Talks To Up Your Productivity

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1. Creating a Decision Budget Having a lot on your mind at all times of the day can become extremely stressful and damaging to your health. If you have found yourself in this predicament before then this TED Talk featuring Dave Asprey may interest you. Dave talks about how he was put onto the idea Read the full article... Read More »

How To Increase Your Organic Reach On Social Media

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As social media platforms have changed, so has the organic reach of content posted on them. There are a number of variables that have contributed to this decline but don’t worry, there’s hope! In this blog post, we have compiled five simple yet effective ways to help increase your organic reach on social media. Algorithms Read the full article... Read More »

How To Utilize Instagram Stories To Increase Your Brand’s Visibility

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There’s no doubt about it, stories have had a considerably strong impact across a variety of social media platforms. According to Facebook’s Quarter 4 report, Instagram Stories are the most successful type of story with 500 million people using it daily. These new figures show that Facebook’s multiple platforms monopolize the usage of stories compared Read the full article... Read More »

The Reasons Why We Love Podcasts Going Into 2019

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You may listen to a couple podcasts yourself, or people you know are into them, but did you know that according to Apple there are over 550,000 podcasts with over 18.5 million episodes currently available? As podcasts become more popular the advertising market for them has exploded as well, as premium audiences are targeted. According Read the full article... Read More »

RECAP: Digital Dialogue EP 15: Cross-posting on Social Media

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Who has ever heard of cross-posting?  If you’re not familiar with the term, cross-posting is when one posts the same content across multiple social media networks all at once. On this week’s episode of Digital Dialogue, we discuss the drawbacks of cross-posting and how it has been proven to be ineffective in the long run. Read the full article... Read More »