What’s New in 2020!

Twitter Announces Promoted Trend Spotlight   As explained by Twitter - “Today, we’re announcing the launch of the newest takeover ad product on Twitter, Promoted Trend Spotlight. This takeover ad placement pairs the undeniable stopping power of video with the premium real estate of Twitter’s Explore tab. The Explore tab, Twitter’s collection of trending topics and Read the full article... Read More »

Digital Dialogue EP 60: Social Media Roundup 2020


On this episode of Digital Dialogue, Katelyn and Scott share major social media news stories ranging from YouTube’s new restrictions on data collecting to Instagram’s decline in user growth. Read More »

How To Avoid Scope Creep

The most important aspect of starting a new website or any project is to ensure that it is based on a solid foundation and that you have the buy-in from all key people. By understanding and managing expectations you can avoid something that can happen on any project: it goes over budget, decreasing satisfaction in Read the full article... Read More »

Digital Dialogue EP 55: Google’s BERT

On this episode of Digital Dialogue, Katelyn and Scott are discussing the newest changes to way searching for things on Google works with their deep learning algorithm BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers).   Read More »

Social Media Round Up

Facebook Staff is Demanding CEO Mark Zuckerberg Control Pervasive Ads  The rise in misinformation in political ads on Facebook has become a serious problem and making things worse is that it has been approved by CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook’s policies allow politicians and their supporters to spread inaccurate claims about their views and their rivals Read the full article... Read More »

Budgeting for Social Media Ads

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Creating your own social media ads are easier than ever and all it takes is a little patience working through the platforms easy to use systems. Here are the numbers when it comes to social media channels and how many people are on each! Facebook – 2.24 billion YouTube – 1.9 billion Instagram – 1 Read the full article... Read More »

Social Media Round Up Weekly Stories

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Facebook Facing Potential AntiTrust Lawsuits Facebook competitors like Snap, Inc. whose only company is Snapchat have been talking to the Federal Trade Commission. Snap, Inc. is claiming that Facebook tried to thwart competition from the rival social media company including telling popular social media influencers to not use Snapchat. Snap’s legal team has been compiling Read the full article... Read More »

Digital Dialogue EP 51: Social Media Roundup

Featured in this episode of Digital Dialogue, Katelyn and Scott are conducting a social media round-up. From Facebook to Twitter, they are diving in on this week’s most recent social media news stories!   Read More »

Finding the Best Times to Post on Social Media

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When posting on business social media accounts, it’s extremely important to have a detailed content calendar. An organized plan for your content allows you to see what you will be posting during each quarter. If you want to learn more about content calendars, we have covered them previously on our blog, check it out if you Read the full article... Read More »

Digital Dialogue EP 45: Best Times to Post on Social

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  Featured in this episode, Katelyn and Scott share what they find are the best times to post content on social media. There is a lot of great data on how posts perform dependent on the day and time of day so be sure to click below and listen to the whole episode! Read More »