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Top 7 Google Analytics Metrics

With Google Analytics there are hundreds of metrics you can look at, and although all are important, there are seven that you should focus on:

1) Visitors –

Knowing how many visitors your site has is important. It tells you if your marketing is working, what days of the week you get more visits, etc.

Has Your Web Guy Disappeared?

I’ve lost count the number of times someone has said to me “my web guy disappeared” and fortunately less often, yet just as inconvenient, “my web guy has passed away”. When this happens you generally go through a few stages.

First is denial (if they didn’t pass away). You hope that maybe they’re on vacation, or something happened where they can’t answer their phone, email, or door if you went to their office (or house).

Small Business Website Design… The New Battle on Main Street

It seems that Main Street businesses can’t catch a break. Personally I have been involved with small to medium sized businesses for the greater part of my career. I have been through most aspects of the cycle from downsizing to fast growth. Whatever the reason, small businesses need to see that the internet is now the #1 form of advertising. If you are not on board, your business may quickly fall behind.

Currently, as a business owner myself, and with the primary focus…

What Mobile Option is Best for My Business?

What I have noticed after working with small businesses for the last few years is that as new options are talked about more on the web, clients bring up options without fully understanding why something should be built one way or the other. Even importantly what they need and what their visitors need.

Welcome to the Yelling Mule Blog

Welcome to Yelling Mule! We are incredibly excited to be making our first push as a company into the blogosphere. We have a lot on our minds and a lot to share on how to make your site and business more successful. Getting your site found and converting your visitors into business is the bottom line of any website strategy. Understanding why your site is working and what can be done to increase your success rate is invaluable and something that our entire team here is dedicated to achieving.