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iPhone 6 Printable Size Guide

We here at Yelling Mule HQ were discussing the new iPhone today after watching the announcement, and were curious how the new sizes would feel in our hands. Since we’re a little impatient when it comes to new Apple products we put together a printable guide for the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Why The Concept Of “KISS” Is So Important

“Keep It Simple Stupid” is probably a phrase you’ve heard before. It can relate to a number of different scenarios, but today we’re talking about your website. Hick’s Law describes the time it takes for a person to make a decision as a result of the possible choices they have. As you might expect, increasing the number of choices increases decision time.

Page Load Time vs. Page Abandonment

It’s no secret that page load time is very important for your website. If it takes too long to load visitors will go elsewhere. But did you know how little time you actually have to grab that user?

Why do we care about UX? Because every $1 invested in UX yields a $2 to $100 return

User Experience (UX) is one of those things people think they can skip in a web design project. But when every $1 invested in UX yields a $2 to $100 return, you’d be crazy to skip it! If you have a website or are starting a new web project soon, this is a must read.

2014 American Web Design Awards

We are proud to announce that Yelling Mule has won five awards for web design in the 2014 American Web Design Awards! The American Web Design Awards is an annual contest that Graphic Design USA holds. The contest is their “annual showcase of the power of design to enhance websites and online communications.”

Email Issues Resolved

Towards the end of the day on April 21, and for most of the day on April 22, the email system on our hosting servers was experiencing some outages. Fortunately the issue didn’t cause any emails to be lost, only a delay in receiving them. If you received a number of emails at the same time on the evening of April 22 this is why

The Heartbleed Bug & Your Site

If you haven’t heard about the Heartbleed Bug you need to read on. This bug is a serious vulnerability in some sites that are using SSL to ensure your information is safe. This information includes credit card numbers, usernames and passwords, email, etc. In short it’s a very serious bug, and you need to make sure your data hasn’t been compromised.

New Facebook News Feed Means New Image Sizes

Facebook is once again making changes to their news feed. While it hasn’t rolled out to everyone yet, it has for the majority of people I have spoken with. The main reason for the new look is to allow for larger photos in the feed. This means the old photo sizes you were using probably won’t look great in the new feed. Below is a guide for new photo sizes.

Is Yelp the Tony Soprano of Review Sites?

It seems like for as long as I’ve known about Yelp I’ve heard stories about them hiding good reviews and showing bad ones. I’ve come to the conclusion that Yelp is the Tony Soprano of review sites.

Boston Web Design

It’s the beginning of a new year, and hopefully you have some resolutions for your online marketing. Whether it’s to blog more, work on your SEO, or maybe even completely redo your website. If yours is the ladder, you should know what your options are, and why a DIY website may not be the best fit for you.

Come See Us At The Small Business Expo

Come see Yelling Mule at the Small Business Expo in Boston at the Hynes Convention Center on October 17, 2013. We’ll be giving away prizes, discounts on websites, search engine optimization tips & tricks, and much more!

How to SEO: 9 Tips Everyone Should Know

So are you wondering what is SEO and why should you care?  Go ahead and read on to find out. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) affects the exposure of your website…

Is Facebook for Business Replacing Websites?

Using Facebook for Business the upcoming trend There has been a lot of buzz about Facebook business pages possibly replacing traditional Websites in the near future. Are you now wondering…

SEO & Design Essentials: Anita Clark Design

If your site is lagging, this might be the time to perform a little upgrade. Sometimes your site doesn’t necessarily need to be re-conceptualized but could use a little polish and some coding changes to blow some of the dust and cobwebs off it. With these changes you could turn your expense into profit! Look at what Anita Clark Design turned into with a bit of our help.

Site Launch: Wicked Art Bar

A wicked new business with wicked awesome people, a wicked bar, and painting?  If your sitting there scratching your head thinking all of this is to good to be true…