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What does "Yelling Mule" mean?

We could sit here and tell you that our name has a deep meaning behind it, which it actually does, or that it was an epiphany while the founders were climbing Mt. Everest, which it was not. Truth is, the founders sat down at a bar and refused to leave until they had a name for their new company. They knew it was going to be something to do with nature, preferably animals.

They threw around ideas like donkey, penguin, horse, cheetah, and anything else you may find at the zoo, but somehow landed on mule. This was fitting because they were hard workers, and wanted the name to portray that somehow. One founder, Jay, suggested "Mute Mule" which both him and James loved, until they realized it had a negative connotation to it. We're not mute and the sites we build are far from mute, we make an impact! So the other founder, James, suggested "Screaming Donkey", which again they both loved, until they checked and found out the domain was for sale. James called the number listed on the site and found out the asking price was $15,000... back to the drawing board. As he walked inside after making the call it hit him - Yelling Mule! He checked to see if the domain was available.. it was! Bingo! They had their name.

Now that the hard part was over they decided to backtrack and come up with a meaning for the name. The mule part was easy since mules are thought of as hard workers. As for yelling, that proved to be quite easy as well. Yelling Mule is not a quiet company, we get your name out there, interact with your customers, and make your site and your brand stand out from all the rest!

So there you have it! That's the story behind a few Sam Adams and Harpoon IPA's and the name that was born that day in March 2010. Hope you like it!

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