Temple Israel of Boston

Temple Israel, one of the largest temples in the Greater Boston area, came to us with a huge challenge. They had a large depth of content, resources, events, and other information to share with their community, within which they had various sub-communities based on age, stage of life, and level of involvement. Our goal with this site was to create a beautiful and functional way for all of their communities – and interested outsiders – to be able to find the information they were looking for and learn more along the way.

Some of our favorite parts of this website are the resource library, which includes filters and categorization to allow users to find what they are looking for from their library of posts, videos, news, documents, and events, as well as the way we were able to bucket and target different audiences on the site to get them where they needed to go. The Temple Israel team was amazingly organized with their content, which made them a great client to work with, and ultimately led to a very successful result.


Spring-Summer 2021

Work Completed:
UX UI Design Wireframes Custom Wordpress SEO
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Temple Israel of Boston Digital Content Library

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