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Digital Dialogue

Welcome to Digital Dialogue, where we discuss all things digital marketing!


Recent Episodes

In this week’s episode of Digital Dialogue, Katelyn and Scott share some helpful best practices when it comes to gathering content during a website project

This week Katelyn and Scott sit down the YM designer, Lindsey. She shares her experience branching out to learn how to code through Codecademy.

This week Katelyn and Scott sit down with Yelling Mule/Mule Force CEO James Shiner. James shares the importance of cybersecurity and the key services Mule Force offers that will help protect your company’s information.

This week Katelyn and Scott sit down with YM’s web developer, Colleen. Colleen helps break down YM’s current website process and shares some helpful client tips that ensure the process runs smoothly.

This week’s episode Katelyn and Scott are discussing the upcoming changes Apple is making to their app data tracking. They will be sharing what these changes actually entail, how they will affect users and why Facebook is making such a strong stance against it.