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Digital Dialogue

Welcome to Digital Dialogue, where we discuss all things digital marketing!


Recent Episodes

On this week’s episode, Katelyn and Lindsey discuss the basics of branding and why it’s important to have a ‘why’ behind your strategy.

On this week’s episode of Digital Dialogue, Katelyn sits down with Emily and Lindsey. They talk about the new UX design course they are taking through Google and how it will impact their roles here at Yelling Mule.

On this week’s episode, Katelyn talks to Lindsey and Emily about color theory and the importance of white space when it comes to website design.

On this week’s episode Katelyn and Scott are joined by Collin who is a web developer here at Yelling Mule. They sit down and talk about ADA Compliance is and how it affects the development of websites.

On this week’s episode, Katelyn and Scott sit down with Lindsey and Emily to discuss the Mule Flex Template.