Site Launch: CoVent-19 Challenge

March 30, 2020

Site Launch

As the CoVid-19 outbreak continues to impact the United States, great minds are coming together to make a difference. While social distancing and other protective measures will help flatten the curve of coronavirus cases, the number of infected individuals is still projected to outnumber the mechanical ventilators hospitals currently have access to. To help close this gap, a group of residents at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) have created the “CoVent-19 Challenge”. 

The CoVent-19 Challenge is an open, virtual innovation challenge that calls upon engineers, innovators and designers alike. Anyone is welcomed to enter, regardless of the industry or field you are affiliated with. The overall goal of this challenge is to design a ventilator with 3D printing that will help hospitals treat patients during the peak of this pandemic. The “CoVent-19 Challenge” begins on April 1st and will last 8 weeks.

Yelling Mule is proud to have been able to play a small part in this initiative through the design of its website. We thank all the healthcare workers at MGH and those who plan to participate in this amazing challenge. Your hard work is truly appreciated.