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We have a 99.99% system uptime and we're proud of it.

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If you believe your site is down please check Down For Everyone Or Just Me and our Twitter feed (below) before calling or emailing us. When our servers go down (it's very rare) we are aware of it within 60 seconds, and immedietely post a system status to Twitter.

Also, disconnect from your Wi-Fi on your phone and try it there. If your site works on your mobile internet and not your local provider such as Comcast, the issue could be with Comcast (or whoever your ISP is), or your IP may be blocked by our servers. If you believe this is the case please email your IP address to and we will check to see if you are blocked. To find out what your IP address is Google "What is my IP address?". In the past, IP addresses have been blocked because of spyware that was installed on a computer that had a mail client with an account linked to an email address on our server. Please note that this is beyond the support that we offer as part of our hosting package. If you believe you have spyware installed on your computer please contact your IT person.