Why You Need to Start Running Social Media Ads

April 11, 2019


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Are you trying to determine whether or not your business needs to run social media ads?

All you have to do is look at the current metrics and forecasted ones as well. In 2019, according to Hootsuite, social media advertising revenue is forecasted to be, “over fifty billion dollars annually, which equals out to about $17.00 per user! Furthermore, this constant revenue stream is set to grow 10.5% annually.”

When looking at the most profitable industries in the entire United States economy, $8.3 billion of revenue last year came from top advertising and marketing companies. This demonstrates that marketing and promoting products and services is a vital part of the economy just as manufacturing or creating products is. The sky is the limit for social media advertising, and it should be used for a variety of reasons. Focus on building a presence on each and every media site you find your demographic uses and run ads on that platform as well.

People are beginning to do almost everything imaginable on their phone and that includes shop, eat, communicate, etc. and they spend a majority of the other time on social media. That is why having social media ads is so important to include in your marketing plan so take a look at the 4 major types of ads you should run at the minimum.

Google Search Ads & Display Ads

These Google ads post content that is relevant to users’ search queries, which in turn helps drive more qualified traffic to your website where they can either learn more or make a sale. These ads appear directly on the search engine results page just above the results, and quite often are clicked because they are relevant to the user even if they are looking for something else.

Display ads on the other hand appear on Google’s display network on sites across the Internet, and most of these ads appear as banners. Banner ads are extremely efficient because with proper design they can attract the eye of the user quite easily while scrolling. Choosing a solid color palette as we’ve discussed in previous blogs really is crucial.

Whether you choose Search or Display ads on Google, you can’t go wrong with either. Advanced metrics also help keep social media teams aware of how each ad is performing so you can fine tune them.

Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is a useful part of your social media campaign because it can easily help you grow your business and reach new people.

Lyfemarketing.com stated that, “Facebook offers sophisticated targeting options that allow brands to reach relevant audiences based on their demographic information, interests, and behaviors. The more relevant traffic you drive back to your site, the more opportunities you have to engage qualified buyers.”

If you are going to spend money on social media ads then you obviously want to make sure you have an inordinate understanding of your target demographic. If you are just marketing something without knowing your market then you are not going to see results.

Facebook offers a suite of advertising tools to fit the needs of all advertisers. For those brand new to digital advertising, they offer ad creation tools that allow you to create, manage, and track the success of your ads directly from your Facebook Page.

Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are one of the most important that you can have in your repertoire. Not only do they follow similar logistics as Facebook when it comes to determining demographics, location, interests, and behaviors but Instagrams ads are the easiest to place without people becoming annoyed by your ad.

When creating your ad content for Insta, it should be an extremely high resolution picture that looks just like the normal organic content that Instagram users have come to expect from their favorite brands.

By placing ads on social media you are not only driving awareness to your business, product, app or service but you ultimately are driving conversions through impressions and engagement on your ads. You don’t want miss out on the opportunity to market your product or service on social media before it becomes so saturated and demands drive price up.

Not only is it extremely profitable but it can be done within a normal budget and if you would like learn more or find out how we can help you out visit https://www.mulemedia.com/social.