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Is your website ADA compliant?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) aims to ensure equal opportunities and access for individuals with disabilities. Accessibility is a requirement for most websites and not being compliant can lead to costly lawsuits as well as your website not being usable by some. Making your site compliant doesn’t require a complete overhaul most of the time. Our team can run a scan to see where you stand currently and help you get your site compliant and stay that way.

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Do you have the latest cookie policies and integrations in place to protect your data?

It’s a common misconception but having a cookie policy is different than a privacy policy. GDPR and most other privacy laws in the US require that you disclose to visitors what information you collect from them. This includes personal data such as form entries, newsletter sign ups, etc. and other information such as pixels for ads, Google Analytics for tracking, etc.

An increasing requirement is cookie consent, which allows visitors to opt out from select cookies if they choose to do so. This requires a developer to integrate a tool that asks a visitor to accept your cookie policy and a section to opt out of cookies. Our team can help you easily integrate a tool to ensure you’re covered for todays laws and beyond.

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Are you able to easily create new page layouts without confusing pagebuilder sections?

If you find yourself struggling with adding new pages to your site or constantly having to contact your current developer for assistance, we would love the opportunity to show you MuleFlex. We built a lightweight, easy to use and customizable page builder on top of WordPress that only requires one plugin. This means future updates won’t break it and since it’s using default WordPress functionality there are no licenses and any future developer you may work with can easily make updates.

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Is your site backed up multiple times per day?

Not having backups of your website can put you at risk of losing all of your data, content and website files in the event of a malware or hacker attack. Having regular backups can save a company tens of thousands of dollars if something catastrophic were to happen. With our WordPress Maintenance service, your site is backed up in real time as updates are made and those backups can be brought online in as little as an hour in the event something happens to your site.

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Do you have malware protection in place to keep hackers out?

The number of malware attacks on websites is increasing every year (there were 5.5 billion in 2022) and if you don’t have a system in place to ensure your hosting, WordPress system and plugins are updated regularly, you are at risk. Some malware attacks go unnoticed such as email malware where a hacker compromises your site and uses your server to send SPAM emails. This can cause your actual emails to end up in people’s junk folders or even be blocked by email providers. Other malware includes a site takeover where they link to other websites or replace your entire website with their own. These attacks can be costly, especially if they go unnoticed and require your website to be redone. With our WordPress Maintenance service, your site is protected from these attacks and in the event anything sneaks through, our team of developers can easily fix it with zero downtime for your site.

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Is your site fully mobile responsive using new techniques to help with SEO?

If your site isn’t mobile friendly you’re hurting your user experience, conversion rate and search engine optimization. Depending on your industry, mobile usage of your site could be north of 80%, meaning a less than perfect experience on mobile devices is costing you money. If you’re not ready for a complete overhaul of your website, our team of developers can optimize your current site design to ensure it works perfectly on all devices.

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Do you have an active SEO plan in place with monthly reports, competitor analysis, etc?

With recent changes to ad targeting and email marketing becoming increasingly more difficult, search engine optimization is one of the best ways to reach new customers. Even though there’s no “silver bullet” when it comes to climbing the rankings and staying there, our talented team of marketers and copywriters know what it takes to get there. They will run reports on competitors, determine what keywords you should be targeting for optimal results and put together a plan to get your site to the top of the rankings.

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Do you have Google Analytics installed and set up correctly?

Google Analytics is a great free tool provided by Google that allows you to track the number of people who are visiting your website, where they are coming from (organic search, social media, ad campaigns, etc) and what they’re doing on your website. Deeper integration allows you to track conversions (form submissions, sales, etc), set up custom reports to track KPIs, and so much more. Our developers can easily get this installed for you and our marketing team is available for deeper integrations, training and monthly report reviews.

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Are you currently maintaining your site with the appropriate plug-in updates, CMS updates, hosting configuration, etc?

Although your site may not need frequent updates to the content, it is important to make sure your WordPress install and plugins are kept up to date to ensure the security and reliability of your site. Even if right now your WordPress install and all plugins are running the most up to date versions, this could change at any time as updates are constantly being released by WordPress and plugin developers to fix bugs, security holes, etc. Without ongoing maintenance your site is at risk of potential hacks, slow load times or bugs caused by out of date plugins.

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