Hulk Smash | My Top Five Ways for Breaking Through Writer’s Block by Jeff Renoe


In business there are many things that can scare you. If you’re a writer though, there’s only one thing that keeps you up at night. It’s the fear that the creative well is going to run dry. As a full time content strategist and a wannabe author by moonlight, I can assure you that you’re Read the full article... Read More »

Yelling Mule Voted #1 Boston Web Design Company


We are honored to announce that we have been voted #1 Boston web design company by for 2017. The entire Yelling Mule team wants to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. This wouldn't have been possible without our great clients who allow us to do what we love everyday and create amazing websites in the process. Read More »

7 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making On Instagram


Let’s face it. Nobody is perfect, especially in the world of social media. Instagram has become one of the best apps in recent years and is truly a way that brands or individuals can express themselves with a quick upload of a photo or a funny caption. In my time as a social media user Read the full article... Read More »

3 Tips to Significantly Improve Your Writing


Writing can be tough. Truly. Even the best writers hesitate with their writing. Hell, most of the best writers not only struggle with the frustration of writers block but also with constantly writing and rewriting their own work. But the truth is, when it comes to blogging or social media content writing – you need Read the full article... Read More »

Guess What? You Shouldn’t Post Whenever You Want


Ok, we know the temptation to post is real. We really do. Maybe your company just held an amazing photoshoot for your products or staff, and the photos are simply too overwhelming beautiful to post individually so you want to get them all out there in an instant. Or maybe you have the most incredible Read the full article... Read More »

Social Media Marketing Tips for Restaurants


It really doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re running anymore – local or national, you need some kind of social media presence. Most especially if you have a restaurant. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or both — restaurant marketing is actually not so bad! Truth is, restaurant marketing can be a lot of fun. Getting Read the full article... Read More »

7 Horrible Mistakes You’re Making On Instagram


New clients come to us all the time with their Instagram accounts and ask us, “Why aren’t we getting more followers?” A lot of times, it’s pretty easy to see the flaws in a client’s Instagram strategies. However, don’t get us wrong! You can have amazing content and still struggle to move forward. It doesn’t Read the full article... Read More »

7 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Engagement by 1000%


You think 1000% is an exaggeration?! …..Well, maybe, kind of… A little bit, but these 7 things will definitely give your social media the engagement boost it needs! Sometimes, it’s the smallest tweaks that can make all the difference. Here are a few things you should consider in your social strategy, let us know if Read the full article... Read More »

5 Tools Everyone In The Social Media Industry Should Be Using


It doesn’t matter if you’re a team of one or a team of many, these tools will help you improve your social media by 100%.   Buffer Oh, like you thought we weren’t going to mention the ever famous Buffer? They provide one of the best, easy-to-use tools in the social media universe. They’re all Read the full article... Read More »

10 Signs You Should Invest In Social Media


Here are the warning signs that you need to start seriously investing in social media: The last time you were on your social media account was 2011 Oh, wow! Fantastic. Your outdated profile is costing you business. No, seriously. Your social media profile can make or break your business. It really doesn’t matter what kind Read the full article... Read More »