New Snapchat Feature Fuses Multiple Apps Into One


As if your online app-worlds haven’t collided enough already, Snapchat just released a new feature on Tuesday called Context Cards. Essentially, if your friend sends you a snap with a Geofilter of themselves partying it up at a bar in Boston (or, if she posts a picture to a public ‘Our Story’ feed), and you Read the full article... Read More »

Best Food and Drink on W Broadway


Seeing as we have some new digs (Have you seen?! Follow us on Instagram… you’ve got to see our rooftop views), we’ve all been busy exploring the new turf: mainly, W Broadway in South Boston. And besides being a bit of a frat-house on Sunday’s, this area has a lot to offer for food and Read the full article... Read More »

Four Easy Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Website


It's a bit anticlimactic when you first "go live" with your new, updated website, just to see that your analytics barely shift; or when you write that thought-provoking, controversial, smart piece of content meant to drive traffic to your blog, but two days later, it's already looking like its dropped off the cliff into internet-obscurity. Answer me this: If you have the perfect website, why isn’t everyone flocking to it? Read More »

How to Use Facebook Messenger to Get a 619% Higher Click-Through Rate (And Other Brilliant Tricks)


Social media, as we all know, is a great place to advertise our businesses. The problem is, we all know that. Today, my social media accounts are oversaturated with advertisements. If I log into my Facebook account, scroll through my Instagram feed, or read an article on a celebrity’s blog, I’m bombarded with ads. Not Read the full article... Read More »

Six Steps to Ensure a Succcessful Site Launch


You’re probably thinking that the hardest part about designing a new website is the design part–and maybe that’s partially true. But if you don’t properly promote your brand-new, fully-functional, user-friendly website, it’s like you’ve written the next great American novel but forgotten to publish it (like that could ever happen). Here, we’ve assembled a list Read the full article... Read More »

Technology to Help You Get in Shape


In this article I’ve strayed away from the Apple watches and Fitbits of the world, because I know we’ve all heard enough about them already. Here, I’ve compiled a list of 7 trendy and cutting-edge gadgets to improve your workout (or to track your results). Read More »

Why Your Brand Needs Variations of its Logo


Did you know the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it does text? (Why I’m still wasting my time writing this post, instead of drawing it out, I’m not sure.) Logos are incredibly powerful for your brand. As a small-business owner, it’s doubly important to optimize on marketing strategies to get your name out there. The M from McDonald’s doesn’t need any more help. You do. Read More »

Instagram Combats Cyberbullying with New Features


This is no longer the days of good ole’-fashioned whispering-behind-your-back (girls) and punching-in-the-courtyard (boys… mostly) aggression: bullying has taken on a new, more anonymous, life form. And, perhaps due to this anonymity, as well as the enhanced publicity of an online post, its also become more dangerous. Instagram plans to tackle this problem with three new features. Read More »

The Coolest Apps Started by Our Fellow Bostonians: Food For All

App 01_login

Americans alone waste 38 million tons of food every year; apparently, that’s enough food “to balance a scale with all of the blue whales left in the world, multiplied by 10, stacked on the other side.” And that’s just Americans. If the environmental results from food waste aren't enough to sway you, how about this: I just logged into Food For All and saw a Mexican burrito bowl on sale for $4.00... Read More »

Is The World Running Out of Domain Extensions?


Remember when AIM became really popular, and it gradually became harder and harder to find any AIM username not already taken? You’d sit there adding numbers and symbols and misspelling words (H0ckYplayR4567) just to find one that worked. The good thing about that “problem” is, AIM fell out of style. But I highly doubt websites Read the full article... Read More »