9 Best Workout Deals in South Boston

December 7, 2017

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There’s always two potential downsides to the holiday season: a decrease in wallet size, and an increase in pant size. As we spend money on gifts for friends and family, and as we bake gingerbread cookies with grandma or order spiked eggnog with friends at the bar, we get increasingly anxious about working out–for cheap.

Since Yelling Mule’s HQ is on West Broadway, we’ve focused on the 9 best workout deals in South Boston. From unlimited lifting classes to yoga classes with acoustic music, there’s something for everyone. Try one (or all) of them, and then, by all means–eat another cookie.

1. Simply Barre

$79 1-month unlimited (first-time client special)

This is the greatest one month deal I found in South Boston: $79 for a month of unlimited classes at Simply Barre, a studio that promises longer, leaner, and stronger muscles. The Simply Barre technique combines ballet, yoga, Pilates, and fitness conditioning, and is ideal for strengthening abs, arms, thighs, and glutes. The class is a low-intensity, full-body workout that encourages high repetition sets, with pulsing, isometric holds, and stretching, focusing on core strength and stamina. They offer classes beginning at 6 a.m. to 6:40 p.m., 7 days a week; from hour-long barre to express barre (45-minutes), there’s no way you won’t find something that suits your time schedule.

Location:  120 West Broadway

2. South Boston Yoga

$150 month-to-month unlimited pass ($130 Student Rate*)

For you yoga lovers out there–and particularly for you student yoga lovers–you’ll love this space, and these generous prices. Not only is the studio open 7-days a week from 6:15 a.m. to 7:45 p.m., but its diversity of classes make it unparalleled to other yoga studios: from classes with live acoustic music to classes that use a hammock for “aerial yoga,” and from tribal dancing to strength conditioning, there’s no way you’ll get bored of the same old child-poses.

Location: 36 W Broadway 

3. Lifted Fitness

$200 per month unlimited

Although $200 might seem a little steeper to pay, it’ll certainly be worth it as long as you attend upwards of 3 classes a week (making each class about $16), which shouldn’t be too difficult, with classes starting as early as 5 a.m. and going as late as 6:30 p.m. Plus, Lifted Fitness is the only gym in the city where every coach holds a B.A. degree in an exercise-related field; and the classes (either group strength or metabolic conditioning) are full-body, high-intensity workouts that use free weights, kettlebells, ropes, medicine balls, and more, to increase strength, burn fat, and jack up your metabolism. For that, I’d pay double.

Location: 803 Summer Street

4. The Handle Bar

$210 per month unlimited

There’s good reason for the recent craze over indoor cycling studios: they yield results (and have some great playlists). The Handle Bar in South Boston has classes from 6 a.m. to 7:15 p.m., which is nice for those of us who don’t get out of work until later. If you love cycling, and you live in or near South Boston, you can’t beat this deal: take the class four times a week (and you can–it’s open 7-days a week), and that’s only $13 a class! (You can also pay for smaller packages).

Location: 141 Dorchester Ave

5. CrossFit

*Holiday discounts… 1-Month Memberships: 2x/week – $129; 3x/week – $159; Unlimited – $189

I’ve always wanted to try CrossFit, but I’ve been too intimidated by the hardcore CrossFit enthusiasts (you know, the one’s who bench-lift women in bars and do 20-minute handstands without breaking a sweat?). However, CrossFit Southie lets you ease into it, offering a free introductory class, as well as L1/L2 CrossFit Classes that focus on the technical movements and “effectively ramp up newbie’s fitness and fitness education in a comfortable learning environment.” As soon as I saw that these classes are separate from the more advanced CrossFit members, I breathed a sigh of relief and signed up. I mean–those hardcore enthusiasts were once just newbies like me, right?

 Location: 385 Dorchester Ave

6. BTone Fitness

First 3 classes for $30…. 12 classes for $204

Their ‘introductory deal’–3 for $30–coupled with their amazing location (right across the street from Loco Taqueria!), was too good to pass up, so I tried it myself. It’s certainly a different workout, combining strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, and cardio, all on one machine you’ve definitely never seen before. But the great music, along with the uniqueness of the movements, keeps it interesting–and hard. I was sore for days. They have classes from early morning to late at night 7-days a week, and each BTone class is 45-minutes, so… no excuses! Check it out, and then grab some tacos to reward yourself.

Location: 416 West Broadway

7. Broadway Jui Jitsu

3 classes for $20

If you really want to have some fun with your friends, or try a new workout for cheap, this is the best deal I’ve found… and for probably some of the most interesting classes (sure, you already have friends who are into SoulCycle, but do you have any friends who are into Jiu Jitsu?!). Broadway Jui Jitsu offers classes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, or Judo (shoutout to anyone who can tell me what that is); these courses go back in other cultures hundred of years, and for good reason–they encourage ferocity, strength, and raw power, along with great mental willpower. Plus, for the women (and, I suppose men), who walk home in sketchy neighborhoods at night, these classes provide you with fantastic self-defense skills. 3 classes for $20… What are you waiting for?

Location: 36 W Broadway 

8. Regan Motivated Fitness

Membership $45, membership plus $60

If you’re tired of me going on and on about Pilates classes and special acrobatic yoga, let’s get back to the basics: Regan is your classic treadmill-and-weights gym, in a prime location on W. Broadway, and a basic membership is only $45 a month. However, if you’re not tired of the classes I’ve promoted so far, don’t worry–Regan also has spin, boxing, and yoga classes, as well as indoor bootcamps. Plus, the personal trainers cost as little as $40 per half hour.

Location: 315 W Broadway

9. East Side Yoga

$165 per month unlimited

Along with Vinyasa Flow (and a Hip Hop Vinyasa Flow for a fun Friday night treat!), East Side Yoga offers pilates and strength and conditioning courses. Best of all, you can get two weeks of unlimited classes to test them all for only $40. Oh, did I mention the mimosas and breakfast foods you’re offered after the Sunday morning Vinyasa class? I suppose in a place as obsessed with Sunday (and brunch) as Southie is, it’s only fitting.

Location: 584 E Broadway