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Our relationship with clients extends beyond the initial project. Whether you need ongoing website maintenance or a refresh to your current site you will have a dedicated account manager to assist with whatever you need. We also offer cybersecurity services including malware protection / removal, backups, firewalls to whitelist/blacklist traffic and any plugin updates required due to vulnerabilities, new versions and WordPress core updates.

Maintenance Services

WordPress & Plugin Updates

Although your site may not need frequent updates to the content, it is important to make sure your WordPress install and plugins are kept up to date to ensure the security and reliability of your site. Even if right now your WordPress install and all plugins are running the most up to date versions, this could change at any time as updates are constantly being released by WordPress and plugin developers to fix bugs, security holes, etc. Without ongoing maintenance your site is at risk of potential hacks, slow load times or bugs caused by out of date plugins.

With our monthly maintenance plan you can be assured that your site will be in good hands and available when it needs to be.

Site Rebuilds & Cleanups

If your business’ website is not mobile responsive, or if the back-end is a mess and impossible for you to edit, but you don’t have the time or budget for a full redesign, we have you covered. Responsive, mobile-friendly sites are crucial in today’s world dominated by mobile devices, and not having a mobile-friendly site can hurt your search rankings. One of the other main pain points we hear from potential clients is that their site’s back-end is clunky and hard or impossible to edit or update. Our talented developers can rebuild the look and feel of your site in a mobile responsive framework and customizable WordPress back-end that makes it easy for you to update, and even make minor design updates to make your site feel more modern.

Malware Removal & Prevention

If your website is suddenly running slowly or freezing, looks different or no longer shows up on search engines correctly it’s possible your site has malware. This infection could have gotten into your site a number of ways and sometimes goes undetected. Our talented team of developers can remove this malicious code from your site and get you removed from any blacklists you may have ended up on. Once your site is clean and functioning again we have tools we can implement to prevent any future malware attacks.


Mule Force, a Yelling Mule sister company, is a cybersecurity company that specializes in securing business networks, websites and devices. Your new website will be secure but proper business security extends far beyond just your web presence. Our talented team of cybersecurity experts will work with you to secure your office network, email servers, file servers or anything else that contains or transmits confidential business data.

Visit our sister company, Mule Force, to learn more:

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