Adding a New Post on WordPress

August 27, 2020

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How To Create a New Post-

  • In The Left Admin Bar -> Add New Post 

Add New Posts is where you create a new post for your blog. There are multiple ways to add in a new post. You can do so by hovering over posts in the left admin bar and a tooltip will show up to the right, click Add New. You can also click on posts in the left admin bar and then Add New will show up underneath it, or hit the + sign on the top header.

  • Type a name for the post in the Text Box 

This automatically sets the page slug (which is part of the URL that identifies a particular page on a website) and adds it to the end of /blog.

For example, (/blog can also be changed to anything you need it to be or be removed)

  • Add Content to the WYSIWYG (or Content Editor)

This is where you add the content for the blog post. This WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) uses elements such as Bold, Italic, lists, etc. In this area, you can add media items as well which consist of images, video, audio, or pdfs. You can also tag certain words as H1s – H5s or just leave it as body text. Essentially, this is like editing a document.

If there are categories to this post, please make sure to check those off as well. This is located on the right column.

For SEO reasons, please be sure to add in tags as well for the posts. Those can be added manually right below the Categories bar on the right side.

You should always:

  • Add in a Featured Image for you post
    • This featured image, if coded as such, will show up on the main blog posts page as well as either in the header of the single post page or above the content of the post. This is also good for Twitter Cards or Facebook Cards especially since it will pull in that image when a user copies the url of post onto their own social media feed.
  • Select a date for your post
    • You can select a future or past date for the post. This way, it will show up in chronological order on the website. By implementing a future date, this will change the publish button to say schedule so when it comes to that date that post is specified as, it will publish automatically. 
  • Click the publish button when ready
    • Review the post and then click publish if set.
    • The blog post is saved to your database and published to your site. You also have the option to save as a draft if you are not ready to publish this post.