5 Ways to Stay Relevant in Blogging


It’s pretty rare to see a person’s profile nowadays without the tag of “blogger” following their name, and having a blog on any company website is highly encouraged. The word “blogging” is about as popular a buzzword as “conversion.” The two words are like third cousins who met at a family reunion one year and realized Read the full article... Read More »

How to Excel in the New Year: Inbound Marketing Strategies for 2018


Here are 8 ways to get ahead of the curve on inbound marketing in 2018, backed by official statistics. In 2018, it’s going to be harder than ever to grab your audience’s attention, but if you market yourself correctly, and continue to create a variety of thoughtful, high-quality online content, backed by analytics and personalized for the customer, then don’t worry. With time, they’ll find you. Read More »

How to Excel in the New Year: SEO Strategies for 2018


SEO strategies are necessary to keep, or earn, a page 1 spot on search engines in 2018. Here's a full overview of SEO strategies for 2018, including how to rank for keywords, the necessity of mobile-first, how to achieve a higher domain authority... Read More »

How to Increase Blog Traffic Overnight


I’m relatively new to this blogging game, but as a millennial, I’m also incredibly impatient. And yes, I know from research that increasing blog traffic, and website traffic, requires months of consistent, quality blog writing, thoughtful SEO marketing strategies, and patience… but this article isn’t about that. It's about how to increase your blog traffic overnight. Read More »

Four Easy Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Website


It's a bit anticlimactic when you first "go live" with your new, updated website, just to see that your analytics barely shift; or when you write that thought-provoking, controversial, smart piece of content meant to drive traffic to your blog, but two days later, it's already looking like its dropped off the cliff into internet-obscurity. Answer me this: If you have the perfect website, why isn’t everyone flocking to it? Read More »

How to Actually Use Your Google Analytics


Google Analytics can be an overwhelming experience--trust me, I get it. There’s just so much information to sift through--how is anyone supposed to know what’s the most important, or even where to start? It’s also one of the most valuable (and free!) tools you have at your disposal to drive new traffic to your website. Read More »

5 Free Social Media Tools to Instantly Improve Your Business’s Social Media Reach


But it can also be costly, overwhelming, and burdensome, particularly for smaller businesses, to figure out the best ways to use social media. Here, we’ve compiled a list of five impressive social media tools that can have the best impact on your business’s social media reach. And since they’re free, there’s really no reason not to try one of them...or all of them. Read More »

Google’s “Mobilegeddon” Is Upon Us


I can’t remember the last time a change in the web industry got this much hype. I have people who can’t even spell SEO asking me if I’ve heard about Google’s massive change coming to mobile search results. If you haven’t heard, Google is going to bury any site that doesn’t have a mobile-friendly version! Read the full article... Read More »

Google’s Algorithm: New Search Rankings for Mobile


Google has officially announced that they will be rolling out a NEW algorithm that will have a worldwide impact on mobile search results starting on April 21, 2015.  Now this could be great news to some, and a bit alarming to others… The importance of Mobile Optimization has been a discussion for awhile now, so Read the full article... Read More »

7 Signs You Need A New Website in 2015


To some it may be pretty obvious of when you need a new website… you just look at it and cringe.  It’s now 2015, so I hope you have a website that actually says you’re modern and on the cutting edge of technology within your industry.  If your website is still in the Y2K stages, Read the full article... Read More »