Google Ads – Search Vs. Display

July 21, 2022


Google’s online advertising platform is called Google Ads. It can increase awareness, help sell products or services, and drive more people to your website. In today’s blog we differentiate between search ads and display ads. The primary distinction between search and display ads is that search ads are “pull” advertisements. Further, display ads are “push” advertisements. This means that on one side, display advertisements are paid placements based on various targeting criteria. On the other, search advertising only shows up to people already looking for your product or service. These are not typical Google search results as search ads will appear above organic search results and will have a little “Ad” box next to the URL of the page.

With search ads, businesses can construct online ads using Google Ads to target consumers precisely when looking for your products and services. At its most basic, search advertising consists of three essential parts: a headline, a display URL, and a description text. These advertisements aim to get viewers to click through using original keyword and headline combinations. Unlike search ads, display advertisements aren’t limited to displaying in just one place. You can target consumers with these advertisements using audience affinities, in-market segmentation, and custom intent keywords across millions of websites on the Google Display Network. Additionally, you can decide which online placements are most appropriate for reaching your target demographic.


Search Vs. Display

You can decide to incorporate both display and search ads into your campaign if your marketing budget is large enough. The two are not equivalent, and specific campaigns are more suited to one kind of advertisement than the other. Businesses have to keep in mind each type of advertising requires different ads. Since each type of ad reaches a potential customer differently, the content should also be different.

Small-budget companies can benefit from search advertising. With this advertisement, you have more control over your target audience. You may spend your money on those interested in your products or services. Since you are targeting people who are actively seeking, it is also an excellent strategy to target potential clients who have an urgent need for what you are offering. Display advertising, on the other hand, is a worthwhile investment for products and services with prolonged sales cycles. Large purchases need ads to develop brand awareness and generate leads, not to achieve immediate sales. Since search advertising can only contain text, display ads are an excellent way to promote using images or videos.