Google Tone: Chrome Extension

May 20, 2015

Tips & Tricks

How To

If you are in a work environment that involves collaboration with your peers, this extension is definitely worth checking out. Rather than say “Hey, check out” and having someone type the address, OR copy and pasting a link and emailing it to them, you can now utilize sound to share the content you’re viewing. By installing Google Tone as an extension on Chrome, you can simply click a button. This button generates a noise which can be picked up by any other computer using the extension. This will alert them and they can pull up the content that you shared.

How do I use Google Tone?

To broadcast a URL using Google Tone:

  • Log into your Google account.
  • Click on the Google Tone icon in your Chrome browser while on a web page you want to broadcast.

Google Tone: How it Works – Intro Video

In order for Google Tone to work, you do need your microphone on and turned up as well as the person that you’re trying to share the content with.

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