How to Streamline Office Communication

February 18, 2021

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No matter the industry or office setting, effective communication leads to success. Within the last year, we have had to really analyze our methods of communication and identify what has provided us with the best results. In this blog post we are highlighting a few factors to help streamline office communication. 


Invest in technologies to help

Never rely on just one form of communication. The last year has taught everyone how quickly things can change. Your methods of communication need to be adaptable. Slack has been a staple in Yelling Mule HQ for years but when we found ourselves working remotely it became even more valuable to our office. Instead of getting lost in a chain of emails, Slack keeps our back and forths organized and in one place. We also rely heavily on Monday is a project management platform that has amazing visual elements that are key for organizing all project communication. It allows us to communicate directly to team members and clients alike. 


Stay up to date on team roles

Probably one of the most important ways to streamline office communication is by routinely identifying your team’s roles. Acknowledging everyone’s responsibilities when it comes to client communication will help the office be more efficient. During each phase of a project, we make it a point to assign a point of contact so things are more streamlined and everyone is on the same page. 


Schedule “in person” meetings 

Never underestimate the value of an in person meeting. Obviously current events make this tip a little more difficult, so we highly recommend incorporating video calls into your meeting scheduling. Having that face to face interaction is so vital. Our office has made it a priority to utilize zoom meetings. The fact that the platform is so accessible has been ideal for client meetings and internal meetings. Zoom offers free 40 minute video calls with up to 100 attendees.