Landing Page Essentials

June 24, 2013

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Are you finding yourself slamming your head into a desk because all the hours you spent slaving on a web page aren’t converting your visitors into leads? Your problem may be that you’re not utilizing your landing pages correctly. Landing pages are a crucial part in transforming your website visitors into leads, which will benefit your business.  So how do you effectively utilize landing pages? Let me show you, there is a fairly simple three step process for effective landing page use.

  1. Include a call-to-action (CTA) that leads your site visitor to the desired landing page
    • Your CTA should be directly related to your campaign!
    • Offer the visitor something that benefits them, this will push them along the conversion process to make them a lead

    Example:  If you host online webinars then an affective CTA would be, “Click here to join our new free webinar!” A CTA like this is effective because it is inviting the site visitor to view a free service that can transform your simple visitor into a lead and best case a buyer.

  2. The landing page itself!
    • High converting landing pages remove web-navigation. By removing web-navigation you keep your site visitor focused on what you are offering them because all the clutter on their already opened browser is now hidden.
    • High converting landing pages also utilize…
      • Simple but engaging titles relevant to your campaign
      • Discuss the benefits of what is being offered before you discuss the features of your offer. By doing this your visitor builds a greater understanding of why they NEED your product/ service
      • Offer proof that your product really does work; this reassures the visitor that they are not wasting their time and really will benefit from what you are offering them
      • A relevant image, the image can even be a picture of the product that you are offering. Pictures are a good way to break up the text on your landing page in order to make it more visually appealing for the visitor
  3. Thank you page (A good thank you page is crucial in the conversion process)
    • The top of the thank you page should restate the value of the offer, a simple “one-liner” is fine, as well as summarize the offer they have committed to
    • Have an area which links the visitor to your social media feeds (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc) so that they can stay connected with your business
    • Offer a second CTA right on the thank you page that is still relevant to the campaign
    • Ask them questions to fill out (Name, email, how they found your company) so that you can build a profile of the visitor to send them more beneficial information to push them along the conversion process

If you have had success creating landing pages tell us how!