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February 28, 2019


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This week we sat down with Colleen to talk populating a site on Digital Dialogue and with that we move on to the full launch of a site.

Utilizing the popular organizational management site allows complete transparency between Yelling Mule and our clients. They track along with the project and populating a site becomes very simple because of how easy it is to load your content onto the site.

So once everything, in coordination with us and the client, has been populated it is time to move into launch territory. When it is time to launch we have an extensive checklist that our developers use in order to make sure every part of the site is functional and efficient. Along with that, which at this point is almost ensured due to the process, speed optimization and other items are addressed including hosting.

Although we can’t share the whole document with you, we would like to give you an insight of what our checklist looks like!

Colleen our developer also shared with us her 5 most important things she checks for.

1. Home Photos optimized/Not watermarked
2. Privacy Policy
3. Mobile/Tablet displays correctly
4. Old Website backed up/ with redirects in place
5. Load times under three seconds

To hear more from Colleen, check out her full episode on Digital Dialogue!