Our Team’s Essential Figma Plugins

December 8, 2022


Web Design

Figma is a cloud-based tool for design and prototyping. Plugins are community created programs that increase Figma’s functionality and uses. Available in both Figma and FigJam files, plugins are customizable for each user. With hundreds of options available, plugins can aid with design efficiency and overall organization. 


But, what type of plugins are available? From font libraries, to icon generators, to color-shade collections, there is a Figma plugin for anyone. Below is a list of our designers top 3 essential Figma plugins.


1. “Remove Background”

Within Figma, there are a few background removal plugin options. Essentially, they all do the same thing, and our team uses them frequently. “Remove Background” is used to remove backgrounds from inserted images. Typically only taking a few seconds, all it takes is the click of a button and the background of your image should be removed.


2. “Lorem Ipsum”

Lorem Ipsum has become a very frequently used plugin in the Yelling Mule office. This plugin adds filler text to text boxes within designs. This helps us to organize and build our design before including finalized copy. It’s a great way to test out designs and formats without committing to including all final content within one design.


3. “Unsplash”

Unsplash is a platform of freely usable images. It is powered by a community of contributors that provide their own high-resolution photos for other individuals to use without cost. With over 3 million available photos, this platform is perfect for using royalty free images. The “Unsplash” plugin essentially does the same as the Unsplash website – it provides these images to use within Figma. However, the plugin format does make it a bit easier. When using the plugin, users will not have to navigate out of Figma and download and export a file from the Unsplash browser. Instead, the plugin allows users to import images simply within Figma, basically with no effort.