November 16, 2023

How To


Reasons to Rebrand


When your business has evolved or experienced immense changes it could be beneficial to consider rebranding. Repositioning a company may entail large changes in product, pricing, quality, or even target audience. This is one easy way to start in this process and will essentially differentiate you from competitors!


Companies that experience a public relations crisis often rebrand afterwards in an attempt to overcome the scandal/ bad press. Changing their mission statement, imagery, and values in an attempt to restore their reputation. This is all to show consumers how the company has learned from its past mistakes.


To address a merger, rebranding is also a great opportunity to bring together employees under one flag to present a united front. When everyone feels included and safe, people tend to work better together and more collaboration will occur.


If any of these instances are relevant to you and your company, it may be a good time to consider rebranding!


How to Start

  • Why?
    • What is the business reason for the rebrand?
  • Plan
    • Establish target audience
    • Conduct competitive intelligence research
    • Understand current opinions of the brand
  • Build Brand Guideline
    • Update mission and vision
    • Modernize logo design
    • Tagline
    • Colors
    • Fonts
  • Anticipate questions
    • Train internal team members on the new branding guidelines
    • Share your reasoning behind the rebrand (internally)
  • Publicize Rebrand


When to Avoid Rebranding

While there are a fair amount of circumstances that may lead you to rebrand, there are also moments that are not good times, and changing your brand should be avoided. If you are bored with the brand or new management wants to make a mark, this is not the time to rebrand! We would also recommend keeping your branding consistent if you do not plan to replace everything: from paper deliverables to merchandise and digital. EVERYTHING!


If you need assistance with branding on the digital side look no further than Yelling Mule. Our team of designers are here to help make this drastic transition easier and more efficient!