RECAP: Digital Dialogue EP 23: Populating and Launch

February 27, 2019


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This week on Digital Dialogue we sat down with our web developer, Colleen Bowes!

So far we have pretty much covered every aspect of the website development process here at Yelling Mule and to wrap things up we had Colleen on to talk not only what populating a site entails but also getting it ready to be pushed live.

Populating your site is something that does not happen in an hour and it often takes a lot of time but by doing so you are ensuring that the site is going to be visible for search engines. As these search engines crawl around your site they will pick up on the relevant keywords that are pertinent to your business. Colleen gives us a great explanation of it during the podcast.

Colleen also answered questions pertaining to what’s the most important aspect of launching a site and what she triple checks to make sure is functional during populating.

She explained that having a checklist is critical for a successful website launch because ensuring that everything is functional and optimized is critical.

Lastly she explains how to go about testing a site’s performance and address any issues in order to ensure optimal user experience when the site is finally live!

Check out the full episode to hear all of Colleen insights!