SEO & Design Essentials: Anita Clark Design

June 25, 2013

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Site Launch

Has it gotten to the point where your site feels like it was designed or developed in 1999?  Your site could have many symptoms that could be hinting that it might be time to get a refresher.

Is your site:

  • Loading Slow?
  • Getting some visitors but not generating leads?
  • Visually stale compared to your competition?
  • Not generating any new business?
  • Logo look like it was drawn on paper and scanned in?

If your site is lagging, this might be the time to perform a little upgrade.  Sometimes your site doesn’t necessarily need to be re-conceptualized but could use a little polish and some coding changes to blow some of the dust and cobwebs off it. With these changes you could turn your expense into profit!

Anita Clark Design – Salem, Ma

Anita Clark Design provides high end interior design and consulting services that turns your home into a masterpiece. With their site being a direct representation of their brand, it was dated and not strategically or visually communicating their level of service and expertise. Below is pictured the original version of the site prior to the Yelling Mule revamp.

Anita Designs' Old Home Page


The Revamp

Prior to the re-design, they were skeptical based off of the history of how the site performed. After discussing with them in detail the importance of what makes a site produce, our team took our SEO and Design Essentials packages and changed her site to shine and directly represent her company and her offerings to her target clients. With these two packages, her site is completely SEO optimized and friendly and designed to convert her visitors into clients. Below is the final product that just launched.

“Thank you, this site is absolutely beautiful and can’t wait to start marketing with Yelling Mule!” ~ Anita Clark, Owner

Anita Home New


Do you need a revamp? Is your site an eye sore.  We can certainly help move your site into profitability.  Our team of experts is here for your business needs and can produce a level of product that will help you soar above the competition with a package that fits your budget and your needs. Get started today and request a quote.

If you have a moment, share your URL in the comments below and we would be more then happy to give you a free consultation on how you can turn your site into a sales machine!