Site Launch: Wicked Art Bar

June 24, 2013


Local Boston

Site Launch

A wicked new business with wicked awesome people, a wicked bar, and painting?  If your sitting there scratching your head thinking all of this is to good to be true you’ll be happy to hear Wicked Art Bar has just opened its doors in Beverly, MA.

Created by its owners Ali and Renee, Wicked Art Bar provides people with a nifty location where they can relax, paint, and enjoy a few drinks.  The best part, no artistic talent is required. If your the type of person who needs to get out once in a while simply to express creativity this is the place for you!  You can make a reservation with them right on there website.



The website was created by  Yelling Mule with the intention of making a site that is just as creative as Ali and Renee.  Some features include a custom developed event calendar, payment processing system, and a custom blog.  Head on over to their site, make a reservation, and tell us what you think!



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